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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clarins Double Fix Mascara

I'm back! Much love to my neglected little blog here, I just didn't feel like updating because I was so busy from all my exams. Anyway, here is a little summer treat for all of you (actually, I think this works better in colder seasons too), I'm reviewing a little rain jacket for your lashes today!

Clarins Double Fix is probably my most re-purchased makeup item ever. I mean, I rarely use up anything. But this little tube I use up like crazy. They use to come in squeeze tubes with 2g more product. Now they are packaged in this must less practical tube. It's not really a mascara, it's a waterproof gel. And I hate waterproof mascaras, they flake like crazy on me and are so hard to remove. I love Lancome Hypnose, I hate the waterproof version. So Clarins certainly saves me on this one.

What you do this it, is after you apply your favourite mascara, you apply this gel on top. It holds up your mascara like crazy. Go ahead, cry, swim, jog, workout, run in the rain, run in the snow, run in massive heat, your mascara will not budge. In fact, while we are at it, it works as a great brow gel too. But it's too expensive for that, use cheaper stuff on your brows.

It's $23 CAD here, and it has 7ml of product, and it runs out like crazy. So yes, it is very expensive. But I can't find an equivalent for less, so I am stuck with this. One tip I give you is, wait till your mascara dries before you apply this on, or your wand will turn black and the gel will be the next to have a tint of grey. Not that it matters much, it works equally well, but I think it will last longer this way, the performance holds up better.

Glad to be back! Summer is just around the corner. May we all had a wonderful April, I shall update soon!

Thanks for reading!