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Friday, June 29, 2012

Blush Obsession Series: MAC Solar Ray Mineralized Blush

I promised myself no more blushes, but I went to MAC pro to return something, and their Heavenly Creature Collection is out already in the back, and as usual, they took me to see it, and as usual, I bought something. This really needs to stop, as you know..technically I am supposed to be out of my makeup phase. (Clearly not...)

Anyway, as usual, MAC's mineralized collection is a feast to look at, and a horror to swatch, because the shimmer gets everywhere. I am not keen on mineralized skin finishes, I find them quite useless, beautifully packaged shimmer that end up about the same on the face (with exceptions, but the lighters ones seem similar to me). I don't like their mineralized eyeshadows, they are pretty to look at, bulky to take with, and chunky to apply.

But I am usually in love with their blushes. Sometimes they are packed with pigment, sometimes they are packed with pigment and dazzling shimmer. I like matte blush more now a days, but once in a while, a little bling is great.

Oh my God the gorge!!!!!!!!! This is too pretty, well all of them are pretty, but this was dazzling in the store. I know it doesn't seem like much in the swatch picture, but you need to see it in person. It was a peach base, with pink and orange and gold shimmer, and it is so pretty under some light. 

This is a very bling-y blush, so yes, it is very very shimmery, almost sparkly. But once it is on the face, it's just shimmer, but it is very prominent shimmer. It is nicely pigmented, and once on face, it has the most beautiful highlight, like a light pinked gold on top of a peach blush, like a veil kind of finish. But I don't think this will  work at a blush for darker skin-tones, but it would be a nice highlighter. As per usual, here is a face swatch, I am NC20. Foundation is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain, on my nails is China Glaze For Audrey.

Lasting power is great, but the shimmer does emphasize all skin imperfection. I don't have pores, and I have relatively good skin, but even on my skin, any tiny bumps will show up with this blush on, as you can see under my eyes. So I don't recommend this blush if you need a lot of foundation to cover up things already. This should look good on both warm and cool tones, since there is a hint of pink shimmer to balance the peach.

I do recommend to check out this collection, personally I think it's one of the better mineralized collections from MAC, it's worth looking at. 

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely weekend.