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Friday, January 2, 2015

NYX Butter Gloss Review

Happy New Year everyone! How are everyone doing? What are your New Year Resolutions? :D I haven't really decided on mine yet. They need to be realistic this year...

I have a review for y'all today, and it is about these affordable and glorious lip glosses! I mentioned this quite a while ago that these are now a favourite of mine, but I never wrote an actual review on them.

The NYX Butter Glosses retail about $8.99 here in Canada each. However, they do go on sale. I bought mine for $4.99 each I believe. It was a great deal, so I snatched up 4 of them. The colours are Vanilla Cream Pie, Tiramisu, Cherry Cheese Cake, and Apple Strudel.

Vanilla Cream Pie is a medium cool-toned pink, Tiramisu is a nude, but it will not wash you out, it has a hint of pink and brown in it to warm it up. Cherry Cheese Cake is a vivid, pigmented red orange, which is quite strange to give it such a name, and Apple Strudel is a light peachy pink. Out of these four, Apple Strudel has the least pigment, while the other three are packed with intensive pigmentation. None of these settle into lip lines, not even the light Apple Strudel.

They are not sticky at all, but are not slippery and thin to the point of being completely useless. They are extremely creamy, and stay on lips quite well. Because they are not sticky nor heavy, they do not last for very long on the lips. Maybe 2 hours with no eating or drinking, but not more than that. I think that is fine, as these are super comfortable to wear. And due to its light and compact size, and forgiving texture, re-application is very easy!

L-R: Vanilla Cream Pie, Apple Strudel, Cherry Cheese Cake, Tiramisu (Very accurate swatches)

The scent is the worst part of this gloss. They are all supposed to have a vanilla scent. While Apple Strudel smells fantastic and authentic, the other three all smell very off. They do smell like vanilla, but the kind of vanilla you would smell on a candle that came out of dollar store. Very waxy and fake. They don't have a taste, which is great. Imagine tasting sweet cheap candle wax on your lips! Brrr.....

I find them to be quite a dupe for MAC's Cremesheen Glasses, if not better. Cremesheen Glasses are my favourite type of lip glosses from MAC, they go on cream, moisturizing and very light. However, as they wear on the lips, they turn slightly plastic-y in texture. The NYX Glosses are thinner in comparison, and don't wear for as long on the lips, but as they wear off, they just disappear, without leaving strange residue behind. However, the MAC Cremesheen Glasses smell absolutely divine, like vanilla ice cream.

Overall, I think these NYX Butter Glosses are awesome. You definitely need to try them out. I have filmed a review for it as well, in the video I had lip swatches as well as hand swatches. It will also show you how they look like against my skin tone, I am NC 15 in the MAC system, or very fair with a yellow undertone. If you are interested, go ahead and watch it! :D

Hope you are have a great weekend! Thank you for dropping by today!