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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OPI Nailpolish in Heart Throb

So hi guys, new post as promised! So I've had this nail polish for quite a while now and I think I am only feeling so so on it. Here is a picture and nail swatch.

As you can see, it is baby pink in colour, but not as white as Mod about you and slightly warmer than Pinking of you. It is quite sheer to be honest, but I love the gel formula, it applies without any streaks! I need about 3 coats for this to be fully opaque. In the picture I did 2 coats. The main thing that I really love about this is that, it does not make your hands look dull! The picture it quite true to life, and if your skin is yellow-toned, sometimes blue-based pinks can make you look dull. This is quite neutral and if I get rid of my cuticles, it actually looks very very nice. It is like a barbie pink, but for nice girls ;) It reminds me of strawberry and cream, and I actually do really love the colour.

However, the wearability is absolutely TERRIBLE for me because I play the piano. BUT I like to mention that it does stay on my toes forever! It chips so quickly on my hand, within 2 days. Even with a basecoat, it's no help. I think if you don't play the piano and don't do excessive handy works then it should be fine for you!

Overall, I would recommend if you have a lot of money. But I think yoou can find a better baby pink, there are ton's out there. OPI disappointments me sometimes, really disappoints me, I find Essies' performance to be way more stable. Though the price of OPI is not that bad for the amount of product given ($15 CAD for 2, each 15mls), and the colour selection is way larger. I still like Essies' better. I would not repurchase this colour.

Tips on Matching your Lips with your Tips:
If you would like to match your lipstick with your nail polish, I would without a doubt suggest MAC Hue for this.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have questions!