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Monday, August 30, 2010

MAC Fall 2010

MAC just recently came out with the gorgeous fall collection Fabulous Felines, which comes with three sets, Palace Pedigreed, Leopard Luxe, and Burmese Beauty. I was very anticipating the Disney collection, (I'm such a Disney fan!!! Didn't you know? OMG Disney princess stories are like, my soul. Life would be so perfect if the world is like, Disney world.........Dear God why am I not a princess..........) ANYWAYS, I was anticipating the Disney collection so I almost passed on this one. I didn't pay attention to it until it hit the store, and I went "Oh there's another collection before the Disney one?"

Anyway, I didn't get much because I am busy saving for the Disney collection, but I did get one of the quads and a blush because they looked so gorgeous I was almost blinded.

Here is the Palace Pedigreed quad that I got. Packaging is nice and simple, the lid is magnetic which I love because they are more resistant to damage.

The picture above is taken indoors, I feel it is slight warmer than it is.
This is better, this is actually very true to life. From top left to right:
Russian Blue, Quite Spoiled
Palace Pedigreed, Courtly
Here are the swatches.
Courtly, Quite Spoiled, Palace Pedigreed, Russian Blue

It feels to me like the shadows are a little drier than usual for MAC shadows, they are not as silky, but rather dry and chalky, and a little less pigmented than usual. But since I do not really like that really intense look on my eyes, these shadows actually fits my bill. But you really do need a base for this quad, because the lighter colours are more subtle, but with a base, they are gorgeous. This quad is very very feminine, it is very different from all the previous purple quads from MAC in my opinion, it is much more muted and pinkier, making it much more sophisticated and wearable, and much more feminine than your usual purples. 

Now onto the blush. I am a sucker for peachy pink blushes, so naturally I can't let this one go.
This is Pet Me from Palace Pedigreed as well.

Pet me is a very nice peachy pink that is almost matte, but very much healthy looking. It does turn a little red on me, but then all peachy pinks do except perhaps Orgasm from Nars. So given that, this thing is actually pretty good. 

SO there they are, hopefully I will do a look on the quad soon hehe =D But I am happy with them, and I hope you enjoyed reading these reviews too!