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Thursday, December 23, 2010

OPI Pinking of You

Hey all, Merry Christmas to you! Do you have a white Christmas? We don't. We have a wet Christmas. -.-

Here is my new pink nail polish. It's a true pink this time, no flesh pink, no pale pink, no nude pink, no hot pink, just plain old pink. A pepto-bismol pink. And it is Pinking of You.

Natural light. 2 coats, w/o top coat.

With Flash.
To be honest, the pic with flash is actually a better picture of this polish, because it is a true pepto-bismol pink. Formula is standard nice OPI, very smooth and creamy, no goopy town here to explore. It is not opaque unfortunately. I usually paint my nails 2 coats, because I find the 3rd coat usually disgustingly thick and because I usually need a top coat, it becomes 4 coats of polish! I'm not into thick nails. So I usually do 1 base coat, 2 coats of polish and 1 coat of top coat. And after 2 coats of this stuff, there are still parts of my nails that are not covered. And since it is a cool toned pink, it makes the uncovered parts look slightly dark. So I need a third coat with this stuff if I want perfection, but I still just leave it as 2 lol. But after that, life's good. It wears super well! It stays on for a long long time and is quite chip resistant. You do need to realize that when I say it's chip resistant it really is, because when I play piano, even the freaking paint on the wall would flaking off, but this won't. =) LOL I'm joking...the...paint part...

All in all, one of my satisfied nail polishes. I'm happy with this pink, and it's very fun to look at, because it is an obvious pink, very girly, almost barbie, yet totally not in your face. It's a barbie pink, but for nice girls. ;)

Tips on Matching your Lips to your Tips:
If you would like to match your lipstick with your nail polish, I would suggest Lancome Pale Lip lipstick, or MAC Innocence, beware! lipstick (Venomous Villain Collection). Top both with Nars Turkish Delight.

Thanks for reading guys! Merry Christmas to you! And wish you all a great happy new year!