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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Secrets to Beautiful Flawless Skin?

Over the years I constantly have people complimenting my skin, and asking me what I have done to it to make it so smooth and soft. Some of my girlfriends would stroke my arm in fascination and say:"Des! What do you use everyday?" Yes, I have naturally near-perfection skin apparently, and the truth is, other than my face, I don't use anything. I find lotion unacceptably annoying. I thank my dear mom for inheriting me one of the most blessed genes for women. In my mom's family, nearly everyone has great skin, and NO HAIR ON THEIR LEGS! I'm not joking, both my mom and my grandpa have no hair on their legs! Not a little bit. My mother never needs to shave, and she has very light underarm hair too. Unfortunately, I was attacked by my dad's wonderful genes*rolls eyeball*, and thus the big nose and the slight hair on my legs.

So yes, I did get my great skin from my mom. But hold on! I do have some advice for you.

1. Drink water. I know how hard it is, and I'm not asking you to drink 8 glasses a day. That's just stupid if you ask me. Everyone has things to do everyday, school, work, taking care of children, cleaning up the houses and so on, who has the time to constantly go to washroom??? I don't understand. So drink water whenever you want, but definitely don't wait until you are too thirsty.

2. Drink milk and soy milk. Soy milk is a must.

3. Eat some meat. If you are veggie, then eat lots of tofu, drink 2% milk, or drink soy milk daily.

4. Olive oil is a MUST. I put olive oil on my face daily before my moisturizer at night as a serum. It has literally, saved my life during the cold winter months. My skin is very dry, and olive oil really helps to combat flakes. Plus it is rich in nutrients and is anti-oxidant. Why spend hundreds of dollars on serums that are packed with chemicals?

5. If you have acne, please please PLEASE don't use too much oil control products. Oil stripping cleanser, oil controlling toner (often times high in alcohol), and oil banishing moisturizer...Seriously? I think you need to put oil back into your face before those acne will leave you. So use a moisturizing lotion, and use very gentle cleansers.

6. Do natural face masks. My favourites are honey+olive oil+banana+some flour as mixing medium, and exfoliate with brown sugar (or oats)+honey. Though I really love Lush's Ocean Salt, but you can only use that once every 2 weeks or so, so always buy the small pot unless you will exfoliate your body as well.

7. Wear sun-screen DAILY. Yes I mean it, other than the days you just chill at home, wear it daily. Cloudy or happy. You'll see why in a while and you'll thank me. Try to avoid chemical ones, try for physical blocks that contain Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide (do remove them with makeup remover at night). These substance will remain on top of your skin to shield you from UVA and UVB, where as chemical ones are STILL, yes still generally unstable, and you need to reapply way too often. I recommend Shiseido Sun block (in the blue-orange tubes for face and body because it is lighter than the one for face only) and Clinique City block. Both of these are EXCELLENT foundation primers as well.

8. Skip foundation. Honestly, over the years I keep hearing the makeup community saying how "wearing makeup daily can damage your skin and body" is a myth. The truth is, if you think about it, it might not be one. Now being a scientific student myself, I actually quite doubt about the positive effect of makeup on us in general, mind or body. It can harm your skin, and I'm not kidding. You can start by cutting doses of foundation out of your life. Of course it's okay to wear it! But do remember you are equally pretty without it, and on somedays, go out in the public bare-faced. I'm sure they won't report you as monster in town.

9. You MUST love yourself. Must be at least satisfied with some of the things you have, and especially on your face. Take care of your skin because you love it. Your skin will reward you I promise.

So there they are! I hope that helps you! I'll see you guys soon!

Have a great day! Remember to always love yourself. If in life a loved one does not love you anymore, then tell him/her to go xxxx themselves instead. But you should NEVER EVER hate or give up on yourself.