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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kim Kardashian Look

Big photo accident. I took detailed pictures of the eyes but I somehow managed to lose them. BIG FAIL. But oh well, I'll just post up all the random face pics I took. -.-

Yes these have been edited, but other than the lighting (the pictures were way too red to be acceptable) adjusting, there's not much actual altering of the look itself.

LOL okay I apologize for the multiple shots of myself loooool, but I in all honesty haven't done a prettier look in YEARS. I'm really really happy with how it came out. PS: The picture looks slightly weirdish and fake because I took this with my Macbook instead of my usual camera.

- MAC Shadestick in Relaxed just over lid area, and also on lower lashline. (If you don't have this colour, use Constructivist Paintpot.)
- MAC Gilt by Association Mineralized Eyeshadow over lid on top of Relaxed. Blend the edge a little bit but not the actual shadow, you might lose the gold glow. (If you don't have this colour, MAC is coming out with Semi-precious Collection soon and there will be a similar colour in the new launch.)
- MAC Prance highlight brow bone. (Any highlighter will do.)
- Random Asian Falsies, make sure you false lashes are big, bold and luscious. Then line upper lower lashline and waterline with MAC Feline. (If you don't have this colour, use Smolder.)

- Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Cream Ivory.
- Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. (For under eye, the lightest shade.)
- Nars Casino Contour.
- Nars Madly blush on apples of cheeks.

- Lise Watier Plumpissimo in Nude. (Or of course, Kim K.'s choice: MAC Angel + Nars Turkish Delight, for the same effect. But I hate Angel so I don't have that lipstick.)

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely week!