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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June Favourites

This is really late, but I never do this kind of things anyway because I just think there may be too repetitive over the months. But I think people like to read these regardless (I like to mostly..), so here they are. Do you dig my beachy oceanic bedding?

And now here they are opened:

I included something from every section of a beauty routine. It looks like an awful lot, but trust me, when you use these things daily, this is not that much while you are using them.

If I may, from left to right:
1. OPI Stranger Tides: Enough said. I LOVE this stuff. Looks murky and gross in the bottle, looks elegant and gorgeous on nails. Such a toned down demure mint green, not loud at all, but unique and pretty.

2. Essie Topless and Barefoot: I had this one for a while now. I got this first when it just came out, and I HATED it. It is a muted pale pink nude, slightly grey too, makes my hands look dead. But this definitely grew on me. It is one of those fashionable yet classy nudes. Picky on your skin and colouring, but if done right, it's very simple and clean.

3. Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter: Dare I say, best body butter in the entire world? Yeah..I think I dare lol. It is soooooo creamy, it's not too thick at all like a normal body butter. It is thick enough that it doesn't run, but when you apply it, it melts into this creamy goodness that is somewhere between a super nice lotion, and a thinner butter. It is soooo easily absorbed, leaving no greasy residue BUT, it leaves your skin with a SHEEN!!! Huh?! How nice is that? Imagine kind of a matte feeling but with a sheen!!! And best of all, it smells HEAVENLY but lightly (thank God..), definitely no headaches here. Best body butter. Ever.

4. The Bodyshop Passionfuit Body Butter: This is here mainly because I got this on a good deal, for $10 lol. It is a typical Bodyshop butter, very thick, it's uncomfortable to wear over the entire body, because it is also a little sticky. This doesn't dry down, but it is very moisturizing. I tend to wear this at night. Smells VERY STRONG, but a good smell though, juicy.

5. Too Faced Natural Palette: I'm starting to think in the coming months I can't wear this anymore because it is so shimmery, it's gonna look weird under direct sunlight. But for now I love this. This is a more neutral version of UD Naked (too warm), but they are very similar. I like it for its creamy texture and concentrated pigmentation.

6. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: This is here because it is my only concealer...... I won't write home about it, but it gets the job done. It is a pinky concealer (shade: SC-1) so it's good for undereye. The colour on the right is a very light yellow, great for natural highlighting.

7. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: Just one of the standard necessities in one's life. Glowy, but it doesn't cover that well, but it does feel very nice on.

8. NARS Casino and Laguna: The two bronzers are my love in Summer. Laguna is just Laguna, golden bronzer for all over, and Casino for contour.

9. Benefit Dandelion: I've been a very nude girl for the past month I think, the next products are all very nude things. Dandelion is just a nude pinky blush. You can never over do this, and it's just a easy perk me up.

10. MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot: Golden peach paint pot. I don't have much to say to this, great base for anything, especially if something is too cool for you, put this underneath.

11. Buxom Big Healthy Lips in Sydney and gloss in Sandy: I bought Sandy because it's a dupe for MAC 2N, which I miss. Sandy is sheer, but I love the rich vanilla scent and the tingling coolness. Syndey is a dupe for MAC's Blankety. Also with a good vanilla scent and tingle, but it has a problem that if it's on your lips for too long, it dries down, when you smack your lips together again, it will roll up and flake. But I still love them though.

12. MAC's 4 eyeshadows here I got are Go, Era, All that Glitters and Femme Fi. Would someone PLEASE tell me what dupes for Femme Fi? I'm making a huge dip in this so if I ever run out I'll like...cry. Anyway, just some nude neutral stuff.

13. Shiseido Anessa sunscreen. This is Asia exclusive. I like this a lot because it comes with shimmer, so it's like a nice shimmery base with SPF 50.

Okay, done with the mini reviews. This is too long...But I guess better than writing individual reviews for all of them.

We are having some glorious cloudless sky here. Have a great week!