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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dior DiorShow Mascara - Mitzah

Ah how I looked forward to this collection. But when the items came out in Sephora, the display is beautiful, but I was not impressed at all. First of all, I'm not into Dior eyeshadow palette texture, and the colour is too Earthy and mute for me. It will darken my eyelid and yellow them, and I find colour themes like these often age me. The colour combination reminds me of a previous collection from a certain brand, I'm thinking Bobbi Brown. But I'm not sure and can't grasp my finger on it. Anyway, after a long and unnecessary linger at the Dior counter in Sephora, I finally just got myself the mascara, and then because I'm insane I also got the lash serum with it. But that is a different post.

This review focuses on the performance, since the packaging is nothing unusual for a DiorShow mascara. Same tube, same brush. The colour is a beautiful shimmery brown, and it looks boring from the tube. So I didn't bother with the pictures. You can barely see the shimmer in the tube or on your lashes, but they serve another purpose, as I will tell you shortly. But first, the mascara and its basic abilities and performances.

I think the main difference from the DiorShow and Lancome Hypnose (or the such volumizing mascara) is the thickness they create. For years I thought DiorShow is the one that will give drastic thickness, and Hypnose just the volume, but I was wrong. DiorShow gives you volume and length, and most importantly, it gives a clean look, almost natural. In the pictures I had 2 coats of the mascara on, and I was happy with the length and the separation, although it does not hold your curl that well, I was amazed at how clean and clump-free this looks. I am always a fan of slightly clumpy thick lashes, but now that I wore this, I feel like this is great too. It smudges a little bit after about 4 hours, but only a slight bit, nothing runny and nothing scary.

Firstly, here is an embarrassing picture of my naked lashes.

2 coats

However, there is a problem with this mascara. Although it has nothing to do with DiorShow, but this particular colour has gold shimmer in them, which causes a lot of trouble for dark hair girls. I have black eyelashes. While they are invisible, they are still black. This mascara's colour looks very natural on my lashes when I first put it on, almost like a tint. But as soon as light hits it from above, the gold shimmer reflects the light (despite the fact that they are almost invisible, they do exist and reflect light). Not a problem if you're blonde. But if you have dark hair, this will instantly make your lashes look ashy and light, which looks very weird. This is exactly like when your eyebrow didn't match your hair, or didn't match you in general. That was disappointing, but it definitely wasn't Dior's fault. If you have dark hair and don't want ashy lashes, you need to beware.

I should note mascaras work differently on different people. And brushes matter too. Sephora disposable brushes normally give you more thickness.

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely week!