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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Okay I have not been very keen on updating this blog. Apologies to that. It's mainly because my parents are currently on vacation (I know..what a random time of the year to go on a vacation...) and they took my beautiful camera. I am left with my iPhone camera and my Macbook, which doesn't give me that true colour when I swatch and stuff.

But I can do face of the day! But do know that I don't do these things often, because I am just um..what's the word I'm looking for..oh yeah, lazy.

My hat is from Korea apparently (according to my dear mother).

My foundation is MUFE HD in 117 (Remember I told you Nars Sheer Glow was my all time HG, well I lied. Now this is my new HG, and I'm gonna go ahead and say it's an all-time one again.) Eyes are done with Clinique's Black Honey (I'm beginning to love this), inner corner is MAC Jardin Aires pigment (LOVE THIS!! It's like pure light for your eyes!), lashes are one of those $2 pair from Diaso. My cheeks are Nars Oasis, on my lips is MAC Shygirl. And my lenses are Geo Nudy grey. And gosh my cheeks look fat!

There is absolutly 0 editing on my skin, look how perfect it looks! Contrarily to what I previously thought, the MUFE HD Foundation is not matte and it's not dry. In fact, it leaves a very pretty glow on the face without the slight greasiness of the Sheer Glow and without any shimmer. Best of all, it looks as much natural on the skin as my Sheer Glow does, but with better staying power and better coverage. I LOVE the MUFE HD foundation!!! And I am also loving the HD mauve primer. Though I have to admit my skin has changed drastically compared to last year. It is now much normal/combination, instead of the extremely dry/flaky skin I had before. More on that later!

Have a wonderful week guys!!