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Friday, October 28, 2011

When Do People DISLIKE a Product Review?

I got really irritated recently by reading some of the Makeupalley reviews,  and also got quite frustrated at some comments my visitors left on a certain blog post of mine. Here is the reason why: when people disagree with the blogger/reviewer's opinion on a product, they will think the review is unhelpful. That really bothers me sometimes. There are close to 7 billion people now on Earth, if everyone shares the same opinion, what would we come to?!

If you read the MUA reviews and see the ratings, you will often see low ratings on people that clearly didn't enjoy the product. Sometimes people that wrote one to two line only but loved the product ended up with a higher rating. Not that rating of the reviews matters in life, but you can just see how biased people are already, whether they have the product already or not.

I am excluding reviews that complain "oh it's too pink" when they are reviewing about a pink eyeshadow, or "they are too expensive" without any reasoning (you could say "it is too expensive because compared to ___, the quality is bad yet it costs more" etc.), because if you can't afford it, then you probably shouldn't purchase it to begin with. Makeup IS expensive to begin with, even drugstore ones. Think about it, we are paying loads of dollars for grams of powder. But on other factors, for example, some one would say there has been fall outs from an Urban Decay eyeshadow, and everyone goes "oh no you didn't!" is clearly not a very good reaction to a review. I once saw a girl update her review and asked the crowd "do you guys rate me low because you think I'm unhelpful or do you all just disagree with me?" And I thought you know what, you're exactly right, even though she had a throughly informative review, but because people disagree, people rate her review low.

This is often very frustrating. On one hand, I want to please readers that read my reviews, but on the other, if I'm not honest, and just review everything during my initial rush of excitement when I got the product, then what is the use of a review? If there are things I don't like, I just have to write it down! If I got a defective one, then I remind you to be careful and not get a defective one as well! If you loved the product, there is no reason to come to me and say: "you clearly picked the wrong shade" (which is never true, because I am very experienced on picking out the proper colours for myself), or "you are complaining about something that is obviously there in the tester", which...for Christ's sake, are you saying I am blind? Is there a reason for anyone to pick out something they hate and buy it and then complain about it?

If you really want to buy something but you don't know if you should spend the money on it, and you are just searching up reviews to confirm that you should buy it, then I don't think any negative review will alter your decision anyway. If you are indecisive and not in desperation to purchase it to begin with, then negative reviews will largely benefit you. And girls, if you already have it, why are you reading the negative reviews and saying others are wrong? You could write your own review and explain how and why you love it so much! I once did a Dior lip glow or something like that review on MUA, and I didn't really like it, I said I really loved the balm itself, but the colour change from the Dior lip Glow is no different from Smashbox O-gloss, they are the same technology, but the Dior one costs more. And I got loads of dislike! But honestly, the balm and the O-gloss turned out the same! I was only trying to help! Because if they turn out the same on me, there must be others that could have the same problem. If you haven't tried it, how do you know I'm wrong? So you clearly have it already! Then why would you read my review and think me wrongly, while you can write your own and explain that it turns out beautifully on you?

Anyways, just my little Friday rant. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the full beauty of Autumn. We had pouring rain today! Oh I certainly hope we get a sunny day soon!

Have a lovely weekend guys.