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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's Talk Lip Balm?

Today I'm gonna talk about my favourite lip balms. I have so many lip balms it's a psychotic obsession, and I have forgot-lipbalms-phobia, meaning I will have a panic attack if I realize today I did not bring my lip balms with me. Anyway, since I have tried almost all lip balms in today's market, from highend of drugstore, I am safe to make a conclusion that the following are the best ones.

Let's start off with my favourite tinted lip balm. Although it by no means my favourite lip balm, but it comes a close second. The Holy Grail stand is reserved for my Jack Black until I die. But you'll hear more on that later.

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners

L-R: Feelin' Good, Petting Pink, Pink Fish

Let's start by saying MAC Feelin' Good is probably my favourite tinted lip balm EVER. Look at the dent I made! In fact, I have a backup of this stuff right now, and I rarely get backups. Last year they came out with the lavender one, and I kick myself till today for not buying it. But anyway, MAC tinted lip conditioners are the most smooth, most pigment, and most moisturizing lip balms ever. They are also long lasting, and they smell DELISH, a little different from MAC lipglasses and lipsticks, these smell more foody vanilla, like a vanilla cake! The little cute pot also contains 14g of product, for $17.50 I think! Ah these are just the best!

Smith Minted Rose Salve

If you see hit-pan in my makeup stash, you'll know this HAS to be good, because I rarely finish anything. Although these took me almost 2 years to hit pan, I'll be pleased to let you know that these contain 24g of product, for $9.00 here. I use it on my lips, sometimes on my dry heels, it is simply wonderful. It smells like mint and rose, and it is chilly on lips! But the soft vaseliney texture gives so much moisture and shine, and a hint of tomato red tint too! These last long too, but the shine will wear away. If you put it on at night, you'll wake up with soft supple lips. Simply love! I have a review on this too!

Lavanila SPF 30 The Healthy Lip Screen

If this was a simple lip balm, it really wouldn't be on this list. For one thing, it has only like 4g of product, and costs >$20.00 here. And instead of a tube, to make it look like it has more product, they put it in a deceiving tub instead of a tube, which pisses me off a little. However, the reason I love this is because the SPF is achieved by physical sunblock, for lips. I need these things in my life, because when I go jog out in the morning, especially in Summer, the sun can be a horror for my lips. Normally companies that make these physical sunblocks (with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide is what I mean) for lips fail at doing it. They are usually drying, leave a horrifying white layer on lips, or have a weird nasty taste that makes you feel like you had sunscreen for breakfast or something. This one, however, is decently moisturizing (relative speaking, although the moisture is nothing to write home about), doesn't leave a heavy white layer on lips (still a white cast!), and has a softer, smoother texture, and smells and tastes like mint. These make a good base for lipsticks as well, because they have less slip.

Lastly, my tube balms, including my favourite HGs and my least favourite in my list.

Let's start with Korres Jasmine Lip Butter

This Korres thing is horrible. Honestly, it does next to nothing on my lips. It is $19.00 in Sephora now, for 10g of product that does nothing. When I wear it, I feel like I put some melted plastic on my lips that just sit there lounging on my lips. I don't want nothing lounging on my lips okay? I want them to do work! It has lots of slip, so it wears off quickly. The colour is very sheer (although I also have the Raspberry one, and it has so much pigment it's an opaque lipstick on my lips), but it has lots of shine. When it wears off, my lips feel dry, although not peeling. However, the reason it is on here is because, first of all, it has almost the exact colour as my beloved MAC Feelin' Good TLC, which is the reason why I bought this in the first place. Secondly, it smells SO GREAT, it's irresistible. It smells even better than the MAC one, this smells EXACTLY like vanilla ice cream. Exactly. Every time I put it on it's like heaven on Earth. So even though I don't like the moisture factor at all, and mind you, it doesn't last longer than half an hour on me, I still put this on all the time when I feel like I need something to boost my mood.

SoftLips French Vanilla

It's a very good balm for a balm that is in a tube. Because usually I don't find tube balms very moisturizing. Pretty expensive for a 2g product, it's sold here for like $5.00 if it's not on sale. It has such a smooth glide, and it has a minty chill, without the nasty mint scent, but instead, with a powerful vanilla scent. I personally love vanilla, if you don't, stay away from this. It lasts a decently long time on lips, and it is very moisturizing, no waxy residue. When it wears off, it wears off nicely too. I only have like half an inch of this stuff left, it is a staple in my bag. Love the slim tube too! I have every flavour of this stuff at all parts of my house, so I didn't gather all of them for you. But just so you know, since I tried them all, they all perform equally well. It's just your preference in scents. Personally, I think the Vanilla one smells and tastes the truest among all the other scents. All the other ones smells a little synthetic, especially the honeydew one. The tangerine one smells and tastes exactly like a Vitamin C pill.

AND FINALLY, my HG Jack Black Intensive Lip Balm

This is the very first lip balm that I managed to use up all the way, I only have like a tiny bit left in there in which I need to do some squeezing to get out. It has 7g of product for a recently increased to $8.50 price here. Not that cheap for such a plain looking tube, but the stuff inside is something I will dedicate my lifetime to. It has a vaseliney look, but it melts onto lips, and makes the most moisturizing, most long lasting, most soothing, and best smelling lip balm (I'm talking the Chamomile&Lemon one here) EVER. It lasts through everything. And it is very thick on lips. It is the ONLY thing, that heals lips when they are dry and cracked or peeling, instead of temporarily moisturize them. The ONLY thing, period. I don't have much to say this, it is just Holy Grail, and more. I never expected this much from a lip balm.

Ah here I conclude my little lip balm talk today. I recommend you to try these. You'll love them!

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!