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Friday, July 20, 2012

Lush R&B - For the Perfect Road Trip Hair

Want soft, shiny, super smooth and sexy slightly slept-in hair? Then I think I've got something for you.

R&B..piano, get it? Yea I'm pretty lame...

I honestly don't like Lush much, their stuff don't impress me, especially their skin-care, I've got no luck with them. are alright, very expensive. So I normally don't get things there. But when it comes to natural things, Lush is what I thought of. So I bought the R&B leave in conditioner, and got a bunch of samples. ps: The vanilla dee-light body lotion smells sooooo good!!!

I have very long hair, they go to my lower back, with slight wave throughout. I get complements all the time. They look very nice, black hair that has been sun kissed to brunette, and has quite a bit of golden shine under the sun. But they feel miserable when I touch them. The length of my hair is ok, the ends are a mess. Brittle, split ends, name all your hair problems.

I have tried Pantene, Dove, and higher end Sephora stuff, nothing really impress me. They coat my hair with product, make it look like it's smoother. When I touch my hair, they still feel brittle and unpleasant. And if I use a little more, then my ends look heavy and stick together, like I haven't washed my hair. Plus, the scent never stays.

I finally thought my problems are probably silicons. So I finally went to Lush to see what I can find. And I did find the one thing that solves all my problems!

After I wash my hair, I towel dry it, then take about a dime size of this stuff, and run it through my hair, concentrating on my ends. This doesn't have a normal leave-in conditioner texture, it feels more like a thick lotion, or a light cream. It magically disappear into my hair, leaving almost no residue on my hands. Then when you air dry your hair, and sleep in it, you'll wake up with hair that looks something like this:


This is how my hair looked when I woke up this morning. I love it so much. It is the kind of hair you'd want for a road trip, lounge, weekend get-away, date...whatever. It not only look amazing, I've never felt my hair to be softer or smoother, my hair band felt like it can't hold as tightly as before, and feels like slipping off my hair.

However, two things to note about. Firstly, this thing smells VERY STRONG. It smells like jasmine, very floral, and extremely strong. If you put it on at night, and sleep in it, it will smell amazing the next day. Light, soft floral scent that stays on your hair all day, and boys dig it! But when you put it on at first, it is extremely strong. Secondly, I only recommend using this on damp hair. Using it on dry hair is nice, but it won't give you any breath-taking results, and it will feel a little greasy. Plus, if used on dry hair, the strong scent really sticks, and if you go on a bus, the whole bus can smell your hair if you sit beside an open window...

In any case, I am truly in love. Now I really want to try more of their hair care!

Thanks for reading! And have a wonderful weekend! :)