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Monday, June 2, 2014

Smelling Pretty for Summer - Balenciaga Florabotanica & Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

Over the years, I have bought way too many big bottles of perfumes. For one thing, they are cheap compared to their smaller brothers and sisters. Over the years, I have also learnt that I can never finish a single perfume in my lifetime. Because no matter how much I love them at first whiff, I always end up hating them when I get to about the half point. 

This summer, I have fought with my inner money-per-unit-saving demons, and bought two roller-ball perfumes. So far, I can safely say I will finish them, and will utilize my cash to the fullest! 

Okay first of all, I think roller-ball perfume packagings are cute. They look like packaging for stationary, and everyone knows I'm stationary girl. It's a weird fetish with ma pens and pencils, and rulers. Especially Florabotanica. You know what, you look like bookmark material. I once made a bookmark out of Flowerbomb packaging! So this one will do too!

There they are. Surprisingly, I love both of these very very much. They are unique and sexy, both of them, especially after a while. They will drift into this musky soft scent, that feels like it came out of your own body. Like naturally smelling pretty!

Florabotanica is VERY strong. I mean it when I say it. It has the intensity of Chanel and Dior perfumes. It is literally in-my-face-flower-explosion, even when I just roll it onto my wrist. I can smell them strongly. Then after a while, it becomes pleasant, and I smell like a pretty summer freshly blooming garden. But for the first 2 hours, it has that unpleasant "your perfume is too strong" feel, and sometimes it give me a headache. But it smells so good later. Very fresh and feminine.

Nirvana on the other hand, suffers oppositely. It smells fruity and fresh, slightly floral. After a while it becomes this insanely beautiful sexy musky scent. However, I only smells this when I bring my wrist to my nose, and take a very loud whiff, which attracts unwanted attention on public transit, and I can smell myself (sounds weird), and I smell good (oh wow even weirder). But I want others to smell my gorgeousness! I can't lift my arm to the guy sitting next to me and say "hey stranger, wanna smell me? I smell good!"

Both of these have supreme staying power. I wish Florabotanica is a little mellower, and I wish Nirvana is a little stronger. But all in all, I love them! But I just want to note everyone, the Florabotanica smells very similar to the new Tory Burch perfume that just came out. Slightly different, but very similar. But that is the only one I can think of that smells similar to this!

Hope you all find your signature scent for summer!