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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

YSL ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in 29 Rose Fourreau

Another late night post. And yes, read that title again. What a mouthful.

I have given up on very expensive lip products for a while now (with the exception of Hourglass Ballet, which I said, one of a kind and necessary), and am currently obsessed with NYX butter glosses, because those remind me of my favourite MAC Cremesheen glasses, with a supermarket price tag. But alas, YSL has its thing that pulls people like me back into the water, and drowns in endless darkness of credit card bills.

In any case, I am ashamed to say that the most attractive thing of this product to me, is the scent. It smells like different kinds of alcoholic beverages, mostly beer. That is not to say that I am an alcoholic! Quite to the contrary, I don't drink much. This is clearly off topic.

The least attractive thing to me, from this product line, is the stain selection. I know it has many colours, but most of them look the same after a while. If you think about it, for a staining lip product, there are only so many undertones of the stain a company could make. It's either a red-orange related tint, or a pink-berry related tint. The initial top layer of colour is pretty sheer in the lighter shades. The darker the colour, the more opaque it is. But in general, they apply darker than they look in the tube. If you wipe them off, the stain left behind is similar in similar colour families.

This one in particular, No. 29 Rose Fourreau, is supposed to be a rosy colour. It looks rose in the tube, applies rose on the lips. Within 5 minutes, it drifts into the red territory. It looks like a my-lip-but-better red. Definitely not rose. But I like it. It has a triangular sponge applicator that feels very fancy and grabs enough products out of the tube. Normal sponge doe-foot applicators cannot grab the same amount out in a single pass.

It lasts for ages. When you pick your lips, bite your lips, play your lips, this thing does not budge. The shine goes away while you abuse your lips. As soon as you stop, after a while, the shine actually comes back. It applies like water-gel, but dries like a layer of soft plastic on the lips. It feels very drying however. It doesn't look dry, but it feels dry underneath. I sort of can't bear it. 

Overall, it's a nice thing to have, especially for long special events. You could wear it, and forget about it. No more touch-ups. But I would not buy another colour. If you don't have it, I certainly think you should try it out and see if you might like it!