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Monday, October 27, 2014

First Aid Beauty Cheers to FAB Skin Unboxing and Mini Review!

First Aid Beauty is one of my favourite brands of skin care. I am mainly attracted to the simple ingredients, and it's one of the only products that can calm down the redness in my skin. When I saw this, I could not pass it up and wait until my VIB 20% off in Sephora. I just had to have it.


Within this massive box, you'll get:

Full Sized Ultra Repair Cream (My ultimate favourite face cream) ($28USD / $35CAD)
Full Sized Eye Duty Triple Remedy ($36USD / $45 CAD)
Full Sized Ultra Repair Lip Therapy ($12USD / $15CAD)
2.0 OZ Face Cleanser (Full size: 5 OZ) ($8USD / $10CAD)
28 Facial Radiance Pads ($14USD / $14CAD)

A total value of $98USD or $119CAD. But only for $48 in US and $60 in Canada. A pretty good deal huh?

The Ultra Repair Cream is actually a body lotion, but I use it on my face, and it works wonders. It worked so well in super hot and dry summer in Colorado, and it works really well in humid cold Canadian west. It never breaks me out, and it gets rid of redness lurking under my skin or on top of my skin. 

I also intensively love their cleanser. Before this kit, I was using the Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay, and I love it so much. It gets rid of all oil and leftover makeup from the skin, but it never feels dry. I use it in the morning, and I love the herbal scent. Therefore I am excited to try this cleanser out too.

I have not yet tried the Facial Radiance Pads. Will update.

I am going to do a quick review of the Eye Duty Triple Remedy, and talk just a little bit on the lip balm.

The packaging of the Eye Duty Triple Remedy really bothers me, as I see it, the entire thing is quite unnecessary. It has a little hole on the back of the applicator, and the applicator itself is a metal oval that is meant to sooth and cool the eye. I highly doubt I will ever use it. It looks quite bacteria-friendly. Plus I don't want the product to dry on the metal, and then be used again the next day. It would be a much better design if it was just a simple tube, and we can apply it with our ring fingers. Anyway, it is supposed to brighten dark circles and smooth under eye bags. We'll see how it works. 

It has a pink colour, and when you spread it out (in the swatch, it is spread out on the left of the pink dot), it is very very sheer, which is great, because who would like to have pink under eyes. It has a gel-like consistency that is very thin, and cooling. So far I  am going to tentatively say, I like it. I think it is is a wonderful morning eye cream.

The Ultra Repair Lip Therapy smells like toothpaste. I want to say Spearmint, but I think it's more peppermint. It is free of petroleum. It is one of those balms that promises its fill of different butters, and feels grainy on the lips. It is very thick, and very moisturizing. After it wears off, lips remain quite moisturized. However, due to the texture, I don't think I like it very much.

Because it's lack of some waxes and petroleum, it is a rather matte balm. I imagine if you put a little on, it is no different than a stick balm. If you put a lot on, it will look something like the picture below. Just a bit of a glow.

I hope this is helpful! And I hope this is one of the holiday sets you will be getting this year! As I really recommend it. It has great value, and great products. Almost none of the products contained in the kit is unnecessary, as I see so often in big holiday kits. 

What are you planning on getting yourselves and your friends this holiday season?