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Friday, October 24, 2014

Mr. Alchemist, whatcha cooking?

I love glitter nail polishes. It is kind of like jewellery, or like making your nails become little pieces of jewellery. I especially love them during fall and winter, and of course, during the holidays.

Sephora's Formula X line has recently put out a new limited edition nail polish called Alchemy. I could neither resist the colour, nor the name. Fellow book-lovers, who doesn't want a bit of that action on your nails?

Here are quick swatches. Excuse the sloppy application on the cuticles. Now a days I am so busy, I have less damn to give.

Click me big to see the magic!
Me too!                            

These were 2 really quick coats, with no basecoat and no topcoat. You don't have to be extra careful with these, they are so easy and seamless. You will likely end up with perfect manicure in 5 minutes. They apply smoothly, streakless, and is very opaque. They look foiled from afar, but very glittery up close.

It has a very slight purple-pink tone, although mostly, it is a silver-pewter base, with lots of pink, blue, yellow and even green micro glitters. The pink dominants, therefore it almost has a pink hologram to it. And thus the purple-pink tone in the base. It is super duper pretty, and I love it. The name is perfect.

How's everyone doing! Is it still warm where you are? Or cold? Like us?