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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burmese Beauty

After being quite happy with Palace Pedigreed, I got the Burmese Beauty quad like I said in my update, and now I feel like, this collection is probably not as great as I thought it was. Don't get me wrong, the colours are still great, muted, sophisticated Fall trend colours, but something about this collection seems a little off to me. The Burmese Beauty quad is very very easily dupable, and I don't understand AT ALL why MAC put Club in this quad and named it Burmese Beauty. I mean, are they not capable to be unique for a quad in a new collection? I think not. I think MAC is perfectly capable to create a new colour in the mood of Fall. Perhaps a more olive green shadow would help? Some may say, oh it is different from Club, Club is dark and Burmese Beauty is sparklier, but to me, they are the same, even the red undertone of the brown is the same in the two shadows. Sure Burmese Beauty has some gold sparkles instead of just the green sheen from Club, but Burmese Beauty is a luster finish, and Club is a veluxe pearl finish. Burmese Beauty SHOULD be sparklier, infact, it's not even sparkly enough to be a lustre. To me Club is a better, more pigmented, more smooth shadow than Burmese Beauty. The colour Skintone 2 is just a neutral yellow gold, which is not very pigmented to start with, WHICH may not show up on yellow skin tones. The Showstopper colour is just a dark dark brown, which has been repromoted many times. I like this quad, but I am also very disappointed. I like it for the convenience, and the look I create with it is very sultry and pretty, like a neutral with a subtle hint of something different. But at the same time, I think MAC could have done better.

Here it is, enjoy =)

Top: Showstopper, Skintone 2
Bottom: Burmese Beauty, Prized
L-R: Prized, Skintone 2, Burmese Beauty, Showstopper

Above is Burmese Beauty and Club side by side.
L-R: Burmese Beauty (2 swipes), Club (1 swipe)

So here they are, I hope you liked it if you got it, the swatches are done with several swipes, and Burmese Beauty has a green sheen on top which is not showing up well, but this lighting gets me the most accurate colour from the quad.

 Look with this quad is coming up! Thanks for reading!