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Thursday, October 7, 2010

B2M General Info

So as many of you know MAC has new policies for B2M.

1. Pro longwear lip creme lipsticks are not good for B2M. Meaning you cannot give 6 empty containers for that lipstick. It costs higher than the other lipsticks therefore you cannot B2M for those.

2. Cremesheen lipglass is not available for B2M either, similar reason above.

3. Now in pro-store you can B2M for eyeshadows as well as lipsticks and lipglasses.

4. MAC wipes are B2M-able.

5. Mechanic eyepencils are B2M-able, but not regular sharpening ones. So ie: you can B2M the Technakolh liner.
6. This is what everyone's talking about, now you need a pan for the eyeshadows to be B2M-able. So just buy refill pans =)

7. CANNOT peel off the stickers on your eyeshadows and lipglass/lipsticks.

8. Otherwise, still the general rules. 6 empty containers for a lipglass/lipstick. The product you get from B2M will be no return/exchange. Keep in mind, you can B2M for the Plushglass, which costs more than the other XD. Just a reminder hehe.

Ok hehe, see you soon my readers! Good day to youuuu.