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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Perfect Nude Lips for Fall - MAC Spite

Guys and girls, prepare, because I may just have found the best nude lip combo for the season of Fall and Winter.

*dun dun dun*........

Are you ready?

Okay. So as you all probably know by now, if I buy a lipstick or a lipgloss, it must be nude. If it's not nude, I will not get it even if it's like free, because I won't wear it! So I have all the nude lippies from MAC (which, once AGAIN, reminds me that I should do a lippie overview...........but you know I'm just lazzzzzzzy.........) But when it comes to nudes, my nudes are always pinky or peachy ones. They look SO immature for the colder seasons, because my lips look girly and bubbly and all cute with NO SOPHISTICATION AT ALL. And Fall is like, a really sophisticated season if you ask me, and winter is basically for the cool and calm and complicated ladies. SO in my hunt for the best nude lippies Holy Grail(s), I was suddenly stricken with an odd idea, what if I pair a dark vampy dead-looking lipgloss with a nude lipstick?

The first colour that popped in my head is Spite from MAC.

If you visit MAC you would know their lipglass, plushglass and lustreglass display together horizontally on a vertical display. -____-lll And the light and colourful shades are on the top, the deep dark vampy shades are on the bottom. I do all sorts of lip combos, but I never do them with dark browns or like dark dark berry. Because I just..never thought of it.

Spite, if you know, is why MAC exists and is such a popular brand. Because it is a colour no one else can imitate. It is such a complicated and WEIRD shade. It's dark, it's brown, it's purple, it's lilac, it's nude? Okay it's taupe. (LOL) No wait it's...the colour of spite. I find the name extremely accurate for this colour! I never looked at it before, but it for some reason, is the first thing I think of when I think of a dead looking lipglass.

If you are a dark skinned gal, and you want that oh-I-just-died-few-hours-ago liplook, this lipglass is just for you. But if I want that look, I need a base. Don't ask me why I want to look like I just died. But..after years of peachy nudes, you want a nude that's different. So what I do is I put creme d'nude from MAC under it, and the result is a STUNNING grey taupe nude. Which is PERFECT for Fall, because it is a nude with depth.

Just on a side note, nail polish is OPI Do You Lilac It

This is my natural lip colour with a clear balm. I realized that I never do naked lip swatches so it must have been annoying for you lol. Here it is!

MAC Creme d'nude + Spite
(I'm NC20 for reference)

I LOVE it. Spite alone looks very dark on me I will never be able to pull it off. But this is the result with a nude lipstick underneath.

IMPORTANT: One thing I need to mention is that Spite smells differently from the other lipglasses. It smells...bad. My first one smelt literally like a lipgloss that's been there for 20 years. So I went back and even the MA's thought it smelt awful and exchanged it for me. The new one is better, but still smells a little weird.

I talk a lot in my reviews don't I...argh........

Thanks for reading my lovely readers! Have a great long weekend here in Canada, and have a great weekend to you all!