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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Back to Mac (I know..shocking right?)

Argh do you believe it? My first EVER B2M. Think about it. The oldest empty lipglass container I've had is probably 7 years old. This is freaking disgusting. It's just been sitting there waiting for B2M for like....ever. I was afraid to open it 3 years ago. So imagine its state now. I just never use up stuff because I get tired of it half way through and just buy a new colour. Thank God that 6 of my oldest stuff went back. I was seriously going to toss them out, the thought of my old containers makes me gag.

Anyway I still remember my very first purchase from MAC was a lipglass called Lychee Luxe. Back then I was in highschool and I saved quite a while for that lipglass loool, because my parents did not allow me to work, and they gave me no allowance, since they buy my everything anyway. They don't like me wearing makeup so obviously, MAC is not on their grocery list. I bought it, and thought it was pretty but way too loud for school, and back then I had nothing to layer it with and lol, did I even know anything about lipstick and gloss layering? I don't remember. It was pretty though. And the thing I remembered the most is that the doefoot  applicator for the lipglass was so soft! What high quality stuff! LOOOOL I was a lame kid.
Now looking back I feel like.....wth time passes so fast. But my lipgloss does not go very fast. People used to tell me MAC lip glasses will be used up in few weeks with constant use. Nope. They are always there, and the worst part? They ALWAYS look like there's still half left in them.

(This post reminds me I should do a lipstick and lipglass overview...)

Anyway so finally back to mac I'm so happy. Now that it kick started things, I feel like I'm going through my lipglasses faster now lol. I love B2M.

Anyway just a random little post because I feel the need to spill my thoughts and happiness with you or I explode.