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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bronzer Obsession Series: Nars Casino

I like how everyone is trapped in the craze for Laguna.

While Laguna is great, I only think it is good used as a bronzer. If you contour with bronzers, and you have a warm undertone, how's Laguna good?!

Now, before you decide to throw stones at me, I need to clarify something. I have a lot of red undertone in my skin, and my skin is ultra sensitive. A slight touch on my face will turn that entire area red, and I embarrass so easily! And when I turn red, I don't turn pink, I turn tomato red.

So for me, naturally, when I was on my search for a contour, I was worrying what everyone else was worrying, I do not want to look like an orange. I mean a tomato and an orange just don't go well together. So I looked into Laguna and almost bought it, because everyone raves how it has no orange at all, how it is a golden brown that is excellent for fair skin's contour.

Except, of course, when I put it on at Sephora, it was...yellow. I am not exaggerating at all. It appeared that I have a dark yellow patch on the side of my face. It was dead obvious that I wanted to contour but uh..failed. Honestly I was puzzled, how did that happen?

Then I saw Casino, it is not by any means darker in the pan, just warmer. What the hell, I'll give it a try too, and I did. And guess what, it looked a lot more natural on me. Though slightly more orange toned than that golden beige brown that Laguna has, it appears much more like a shadow of my own, instead of an obvious use of cosmetics to create a dirty looking hollow.

Sephora Professional #49

This stuff is a lot more pigment than Laguna, meaning a little press of the brush in the pan will get enough colour for one cheek. I actually like it quite a lot, though I wasn't used to be a contour person. Lasting power is great too, and it stays looking natural, and in the summer I can also use this as an all over bronzer that will suit me better than Laguna.

Overall,  I really like it! Have you tried it? Do you like it more than Laguna?

Thanks for reading guys, we rain like crazy here.....