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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vegas Update

Some quick updates. I'm currently in Las Vegas and experiencing some massive heat, and editing some pictures for this blog as well. Vegas is really not my type of place to stay, I don't really like it here. I like travel, I don't like resorts. I travel to learn and see, not to relax and party. Usually when I travel I go to European and Asian countries, I love Austria and Germany, even Belgium. I also love to tour around China, Thailand and the such. But most of the hyped up places, like say, Paris, I just don't make much of a connection with. Maybe because there is so much hype, everyone else goes and makes those places jam packed with tourists, and that just makes the experience unpleasant.

Same in North America. I have a problem with Vegas. It is burning hot here in Summer and so much going on. I think for most people, locations around the world are usually a love or hate situation. Vegas, I can see why so many people love, but it just isn't my place. I have never seen this many beautiful people in one place at one time, so many lights, music, parties, gambling, alcohol, beautiful silhouettes, impossible stilettos.. It's like seeing the Seven Deadly Sins come alive in one place. Vegas is where everything shallow meets up and makes a connection. People come here to do and see what they normally can't in their regular lives. I see the point, but since I'm never going to do those things in the first place, I like but don't love here. 

But I'm glad I'm here. The hotels do look amazing though, though food here is really horrible. The Mexican food was not really good, the buffets were horrible. They have lovely drinks here, but their buffets are so much worse compared to 10 years ago. The only thing that shocked me is that when I went to a food court one day, I found their Chinese food court stuff to be much much better than what we have in Vancouver, they are called Panda Express here, and they are not even cooked by Chinese people! We have so many Chinese people in Vancouver and the Chinese food in Vancouver is horrible! They are altered so much they are not even Chinese anymore. 

So this is why this blog is on stand-by right now. One beauty update I wanted to really tell you is that MAC changed their lipglass formula, they are now much less sticky (if you hated it) and much more comfortable. Their main ingredients used to be Castor Oil, they are now Saturated Polybutylene I think. They are much better feeling! I found that out after I hauled some MAC Me Over stuff.

I'll talk to you guys soon when I go back! Have a lovely weekend! =)