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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sephora by OPI - Ocean Love Potion

Such a strange name! But it is a gorgeous colour. This goes well with my Mediterranean Escape look no? It is a teal colour, with pretty much balance green and blue, I would say at first glance it is more green than blue, but then again, when it comes to teal, I'm pretty much colour blind. So I say it is a neutral teal.

It is matte, and opaque. The brush reminds me of China Glaze, or a little Essie-ish, the point is it's thin and long. Opaque means it is full coverage in the first coat. A second coat is perfection. It dries shiny, but not blinding shine, it's just average shine level. Wear time is good, it lasts relatively long, like regular OPI nail polishes. Currently this is the only Sephora nail polish I own, I used to own Non-fat half caff, which was also one of my favourites until I found OPI Dulce de Leche. Other than the brush, everything else is OPI-ish, except here it is more expensive than OPI. I don't really understand why.

Pictures have been edited to show the most true to life colours. It's cloudy today the colour showed up way too blue. So here are the edited pictures. These look almost identical to my nails atm. 2 Coats, no top coat this time cause I got so bored and lazy when I was doing my nails.. yeah...

I think this colour is wonderful for Summer. Again I like it so much because it is matte, cause I only love matte nail polishes.

Hope you enjoyed that! Have a great Easter!