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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OPI Nailpolish in Heart Throb

So hi guys, new post as promised! So I've had this nail polish for quite a while now and I think I am only feeling so so on it. Here is a picture and nail swatch.


Woo almost forgot I had a blog. I've been busy with life (or just wasting a lot of life on nothing useful XD). I think I'm gonna start doing this blog again, and I am going to try doing more reviews and stuffz. HEHE BUT now I got tweeeeter, not that anyone will follow me or even read this pathetic blog of mine XD. But hey! I'm trying. So here is my twitter, follow mehhh!!


I'm completely new to twitter, so I am still working out as to what is really going on with it.

HEHE ENJOY LIFE guys and girls!