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Monday, December 27, 2010

MAC Lipsticks Overview

Ah the long awaited MAC lippies. Finally I'm doing it. I thought I had more MAC lipsticks, and I think I do. I just can't find them. But anyway here are what I can find, and enjoy!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

NARS Sheer Glow

Have you heard me say this before? BEST since sliced bread?

This is the best in the history of makeup. I rate foundation based on invisibility. Because the last thing I want is someone standing half a meter from me and can see foundation on my face. So I always base my rates on foundation by a. INVISIBILITY and b. decent coverage. In my hunt for the HG, I have only encountered two of them. One is Clinique Even Better foundation, the other is Nars Sheer Glow.

But perhaps Nars Sheer Glow is better. Clinique Even Better is very very moisturizing, the texture is like creamy whipped cream. It is very soft and smooth, but not runny. When you put it on is like putting moisturizer on. It gives the most gorgeous glow EVER, and has excellent excellent pigmentation and coverage. Makes skin ever so soft. But because it is so moisturizing, it will move around by mid day, and your pores will become visible because at each pore, the foundation will ball-up, forming tiny round molecules at the pores. This happens due to the oils in your pores pushing forward at the foundation. It's not a good sight.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

OPI Pinking of You

Hey all, Merry Christmas to you! Do you have a white Christmas? We don't. We have a wet Christmas. -.-

Here is my new pink nail polish. It's a true pink this time, no flesh pink, no pale pink, no nude pink, no hot pink, just plain old pink. A pepto-bismol pink. And it is Pinking of You.

Natural light. 2 coats, w/o top coat.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Secrets to Beautiful Flawless Skin?

Over the years I constantly have people complimenting my skin, and asking me what I have done to it to make it so smooth and soft. Some of my girlfriends would stroke my arm in fascination and say:"Des! What do you use everyday?" Yes, I have naturally near-perfection skin apparently, and the truth is, other than my face, I don't use anything. I find lotion unacceptably annoying. I thank my dear mom for inheriting me one of the most blessed genes for women. In my mom's family, nearly everyone has great skin, and NO HAIR ON THEIR LEGS! I'm not joking, both my mom and my grandpa have no hair on their legs! Not a little bit. My mother never needs to shave, and she has very light underarm hair too. Unfortunately, I was attacked by my dad's wonderful genes*rolls eyeball*, and thus the big nose and the slight hair on my legs.

So yes, I did get my great skin from my mom. But hold on! I do have some advice for you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Sorry guys, I disappeared AGAIN.

I have finals that are killing me. But I did make various purchases ( to sooth my heart torn by the hours spent studying for finals, you know, I'll never get these hrs back...), including the *gasp* Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, which I will hint you, I'm having a heartattack of an obsession with atm. I also plan to do my lipstick overview (FINALLY......) in the holidays, along with some favourites.

So stay alive with me!!! You'll soon hear from me.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OPI Dulce de Leche

My ALL time favourite from OPI is this colour. I cannot substitute it with another, although Sephora by OPI's Nonfat soy half caff comes very close, but no one can substitute this love of mine.

OPI Dulce de Leche.

Just so you know, in real life, it is SLIGHTLY less brown and more pink than this. But this is very very close.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lancôme Hypnose Mascara

You always hear me rave about this mascara. Almost to anyone in my life who wears mascara, I always rave and rave about this product until they hate me lol. But yes, this is one of those things that I can't live without. And I will guarantee you, that if I live for one more day, and Lancome still makes this mascara, I will always be loyal to it.

The middle of the wand is slightly curved in. So it's a very curvy wand!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winter Night out Makeup in a Hurry (Super easy)

Night-out looks now a days are WAY TOO MUCH, too long to do, too much to look at.

Why the trouble when you are just gonna have fun!

So I'm coming back to base. This night out look is different =). It's almost natural, but with a kick and a punch. Most importantly, it's so easy it's beyond my belief!!! Wear it for to your christmas parties and holiday night outs in a hurry!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Perfect Nude Lips for Fall - MAC Spite

Guys and girls, prepare, because I may just have found the best nude lip combo for the season of Fall and Winter.

*dun dun dun*........

Are you ready?

Okay. So as you all probably know by now, if I buy a lipstick or a lipgloss, it must be nude. If it's not nude, I will not get it even if it's like free, because I won't wear it! So I have all the nude lippies from MAC (which, once AGAIN, reminds me that I should do a lippie overview...........but you know I'm just lazzzzzzzy.........) But when it comes to nudes, my nudes are always pinky or peachy ones. They look SO immature for the colder seasons, because my lips look girly and bubbly and all cute with NO SOPHISTICATION AT ALL. And Fall is like, a really sophisticated season if you ask me, and winter is basically for the cool and calm and complicated ladies. SO in my hunt for the best nude lippies Holy Grail(s), I was suddenly stricken with an odd idea, what if I pair a dark vampy dead-looking lipgloss with a nude lipstick?

The first colour that popped in my head is Spite from MAC.

If you visit MAC you would know their lipglass, plushglass and lustreglass display together horizontally on a vertical display. -____-lll And the light and colourful shades are on the top, the deep dark vampy shades are on the bottom. I do all sorts of lip combos, but I never do them with dark browns or like dark dark berry. Because I just..never thought of it.

Spite, if you know, is why MAC exists and is such a popular brand. Because it is a colour no one else can imitate. It is such a complicated and WEIRD shade. It's dark, it's brown, it's purple, it's lilac, it's nude? Okay it's taupe. (LOL) No wait it's...the colour of spite. I find the name extremely accurate for this colour! I never looked at it before, but it for some reason, is the first thing I think of when I think of a dead looking lipglass.

If you are a dark skinned gal, and you want that oh-I-just-died-few-hours-ago liplook, this lipglass is just for you. But if I want that look, I need a base. Don't ask me why I want to look like I just died. But..after years of peachy nudes, you want a nude that's different. So what I do is I put creme d'nude from MAC under it, and the result is a STUNNING grey taupe nude. Which is PERFECT for Fall, because it is a nude with depth.

Just on a side note, nail polish is OPI Do You Lilac It

Thursday, October 7, 2010

B2M General Info

So as many of you know MAC has new policies for B2M.

1. Pro longwear lip creme lipsticks are not good for B2M. Meaning you cannot give 6 empty containers for that lipstick. It costs higher than the other lipsticks therefore you cannot B2M for those.

2. Cremesheen lipglass is not available for B2M either, similar reason above.

3. Now in pro-store you can B2M for eyeshadows as well as lipsticks and lipglasses.

4. MAC wipes are B2M-able.

5. Mechanic eyepencils are B2M-able, but not regular sharpening ones. So ie: you can B2M the Technakolh liner.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Back to Mac (I know..shocking right?)

Argh do you believe it? My first EVER B2M. Think about it. The oldest empty lipglass container I've had is probably 7 years old. This is freaking disgusting. It's just been sitting there waiting for B2M for like....ever. I was afraid to open it 3 years ago. So imagine its state now. I just never use up stuff because I get tired of it half way through and just buy a new colour. Thank God that 6 of my oldest stuff went back. I was seriously going to toss them out, the thought of my old containers makes me gag.

Anyway I still remember my very first purchase from MAC was a lipglass called Lychee Luxe. Back then I was in highschool and I saved quite a while for that lipglass loool, because my parents did not allow me to work, and they gave me no allowance, since they buy my everything anyway. They don't like me wearing makeup so obviously, MAC is not on their grocery list. I bought it, and thought it was pretty but way too loud for school, and back then I had nothing to layer it with and lol, did I even know anything about lipstick and gloss layering? I don't remember. It was pretty though. And the thing I remembered the most is that the doefoot  applicator for the lipglass was so soft! What high quality stuff! LOOOOL I was a lame kid.

Smith Rosebud Salve in Minted Rose and Brambleberry Rose

So today I decided to do this review for the famous famous Rosebud salves. Ironically, I don't have the original one. The 2 I'm going to review are the Brambleberry Rose and the Minted Rose. The reason I did not get the original is because if I put any petroleum based lip balms on my lips and if it does not have a sensation or a strong pleasant flavour, I will throw up. And to be honest, I hate rose scents.

I know.

Anyway, let's begin the review so I ramble less...Here is how they look like, they each contain 22g of product, and is about $9CAN or $7USD(I think..).

I love the little tin for Brambleberry Rose. It's so vintage!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Max

I hated the Pocket Rocket gloss when it first came out. In fact, I still hate the packaging and the "Pocket Rocket" name today. The packaging is as tacky as it gets. The shape is SO weird with the hot guys on the lids. I just didn't understand the idea behind this. And the name...WHAT DE [beep]?! I felt like it only adds to my desperation for men, which I am..not exactly very desperate for atm. I don't care if it slips into my pocket or not, I just don't want to feel embarrassed whipping out my lip gloss to apply in public. Plus the Sephora tester for these glosses are so gross, and many have gone bad, so they literally smells oil and Teriyaky sauce.

But women are complex and strange creatures! Now I actually own one of these and think it's like, the best gloss I have ever bought. Well I still don't like the general shape of the packaging like I said, but now I kind of sort of do find the guys on the lids quite funny. And sometimes when I feel bored, I will take it out and just flip it back and forth back and forth. I showed it to all of my guys friends, and most of them came to the same conclusion: "What the [beep]?!?!"

Anyways. Now onto the gloss itself, and to reveal what I'm talking about above, here is a picture. My colour is MAX, and I, like always, take the picture at the best lighting to ensure maximum likelihood of the colour in real life. So please ignore the messy background. XD

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Look with MAC Venomous Villain Collection

I used all the products I got from this collection so far on my face actually, with the exception of my lips.

Steps are at the end.


MAC Venomous Villain Collection

So here I am with the details of the things I bought so far:
Bite of an Apple, Vainglorious, De-vil

Bite of an Apple

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too Faced Candlelight

I love candlelight (I don't think it's that hard to see *pointing at name of blog*) and I LOVE the kind of glow people get when they are at some candlelit dinner, it's like the most amazing kind of soft glow that just bounces right off the face, making every facial structure softer, more blurry and of course, gorgeously beautiful (or handsome, for that matter =D).

So when Too Faced came out with this powder, I almost immediately wanted to get it. The idea of being able to carry that candlelit glow all day with me is beyond imagination. But I kind of have a lot of powders and I don't need any more of them, so I held off for a while. Last week in Sephora, I really just couldn't resist anymore, so I finally got it. Along with my FAVOURITE OF ALL TIME lipgloss from Urban Decay, but that's another post.

Here is the GORGEOUS packaging. You know, though I hate UD packagings, I actually kind of like Too Faced packaging. I know they are similarly tacky and unprofessional looking, but Too Faced are so girly! The packaging of this powder is pale soft white with a gold sheen, it's almost like the powder itself! 

Isn't it gorgeous?
Here are the detailed pictures.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Random Rant about Makeup Artists in MAC and Sephora

You know, I'm constantly at one or another. If I'm not home and not in school, then I'm either at MAC or Sephora. I consider them parts of me, and I am obsessed with them. Like when I broke up with my boyfriend, instead of eating a lot or crying a lot, I found MAC lipsticks and Sephora surprisingly comforting to me, so I kept buying MAC lippies and brought 10 MAC lipsticks with me at ALL times and visited Sephora everyday for a while. It's therapy. I think my local Sephora has a problem with me now and I think I need some serious help.

ANYWAYS. Aside from personal psychological tragedies I do want to mention that since I spend so much time at either of these places (and oh-so-much-money), I do expect some sort of warmth from the sales associates there, a.k.a. makeup artists. I don't need much, I just want a nice warm welcome, and some USEFUL help when I need it, because after all, why should they be cold and bit*chy to us? Who's paying for the products? And without our purchases, who in the world is gonna pay them?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burmese Beauty

After being quite happy with Palace Pedigreed, I got the Burmese Beauty quad like I said in my update, and now I feel like, this collection is probably not as great as I thought it was. Don't get me wrong, the colours are still great, muted, sophisticated Fall trend colours, but something about this collection seems a little off to me. The Burmese Beauty quad is very very easily dupable, and I don't understand AT ALL why MAC put Club in this quad and named it Burmese Beauty. I mean, are they not capable to be unique for a quad in a new collection? I think not. I think MAC is perfectly capable to create a new colour in the mood of Fall. Perhaps a more olive green shadow would help? Some may say, oh it is different from Club, Club is dark and Burmese Beauty is sparklier, but to me, they are the same, even the red undertone of the brown is the same in the two shadows. Sure Burmese Beauty has some gold sparkles instead of just the green sheen from Club, but Burmese Beauty is a luster finish, and Club is a veluxe pearl finish. Burmese Beauty SHOULD be sparklier, infact, it's not even sparkly enough to be a lustre. To me Club is a better, more pigmented, more smooth shadow than Burmese Beauty. The colour Skintone 2 is just a neutral yellow gold, which is not very pigmented to start with, WHICH may not show up on yellow skin tones. The Showstopper colour is just a dark dark brown, which has been repromoted many times. I like this quad, but I am also very disappointed. I like it for the convenience, and the look I create with it is very sultry and pretty, like a neutral with a subtle hint of something different. But at the same time, I think MAC could have done better.

Here it is, enjoy =)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Palace Pedigreed Look

So I did this look using my Palace Pedigreed palette from MAC. I love it so much, I plan to go get the Leopard Luxe one as well now.
I only used 3 colours from the quad, the lightest shade "Courtly" as a base, light purple pink colour "Quite Spoiled" all over my lid, and the dark plummy purple "Palace Pedigreed" above my lash line. Since I have Asian eyes, this method is better than the one with a dark crease, since that one may look a little unnatural on Asian eyes with no crease. I did not use the teal gray in the palette because it is not what I prefer for day time wear. 

Picture is slightly lighter than in real life. My skin tone is perfect match here, just the shadow colour appears to be little subtler than real life.

Hope you enjoy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

MAC Fall 2010

MAC just recently came out with the gorgeous fall collection Fabulous Felines, which comes with three sets, Palace Pedigreed, Leopard Luxe, and Burmese Beauty. I was very anticipating the Disney collection, (I'm such a Disney fan!!! Didn't you know? OMG Disney princess stories are like, my soul. Life would be so perfect if the world is like, Disney world.........Dear God why am I not a princess..........) ANYWAYS, I was anticipating the Disney collection so I almost passed on this one. I didn't pay attention to it until it hit the store, and I went "Oh there's another collection before the Disney one?"

Anyway, I didn't get much because I am busy saving for the Disney collection, but I did get one of the quads and a blush because they looked so gorgeous I was almost blinded.

Here is the Palace Pedigreed quad that I got. Packaging is nice and simple, the lid is magnetic which I love because they are more resistant to damage.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OPI Nailpolish in Heart Throb

So hi guys, new post as promised! So I've had this nail polish for quite a while now and I think I am only feeling so so on it. Here is a picture and nail swatch.


Woo almost forgot I had a blog. I've been busy with life (or just wasting a lot of life on nothing useful XD). I think I'm gonna start doing this blog again, and I am going to try doing more reviews and stuffz. HEHE BUT now I got tweeeeter, not that anyone will follow me or even read this pathetic blog of mine XD. But hey! I'm trying. So here is my twitter, follow mehhh!!


I'm completely new to twitter, so I am still working out as to what is really going on with it.

HEHE ENJOY LIFE guys and girls!