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Sunday, December 26, 2010

NARS Sheer Glow

Have you heard me say this before? BEST since sliced bread?

This is the best in the history of makeup. I rate foundation based on invisibility. Because the last thing I want is someone standing half a meter from me and can see foundation on my face. So I always base my rates on foundation by a. INVISIBILITY and b. decent coverage. In my hunt for the HG, I have only encountered two of them. One is Clinique Even Better foundation, the other is Nars Sheer Glow.

But perhaps Nars Sheer Glow is better. Clinique Even Better is very very moisturizing, the texture is like creamy whipped cream. It is very soft and smooth, but not runny. When you put it on is like putting moisturizer on. It gives the most gorgeous glow EVER, and has excellent excellent pigmentation and coverage. Makes skin ever so soft. But because it is so moisturizing, it will move around by mid day, and your pores will become visible because at each pore, the foundation will ball-up, forming tiny round molecules at the pores. This happens due to the oils in your pores pushing forward at the foundation. It's not a good sight.

But Nars Sheer glow is runnier, and when set on face by itself, it becomes drier. Still a gorgeous glow, but perhaps not that much. Definitely not matte though, a natural glow. I wouldn't say it's a Satin Finish either, it's glowi-er than that. Drier, thus longer lasting, and not as moist, so it stays it's place. With a primer, the balling up effect can be minimized, otherwise it will still happen, because it still is a quite moisturizing foundation. But it won't soften your skin, and I see no improvement either, but it does not break you out, and thus far I see no harm to my skin. Actually since I started wearing it, I don't see the usual things that happens with foundations, like blackheads white heads and such. It's a relative great foundation on that part. Coverage is amazing! Even though not a masking coverage, but it somehow manages to make you look flawless, even though it doesn't cover everything! It's amazing!

The colour Deauville is a dead on match for me. (UPDATE: Not anymore, sadly lol. Since the beginning of December I've gotten considerably paler. Now I'm probably NC15. So now this looks yellow on me. I'll probably have to check Mont Blanc out, but it's pricey to keep 2 bottles at hand. Plus, the paler shades, with the exception of Mont Blanc, (which is just a pinker version of Deauville) are too pale. They are like NC10 and NC12. But the shade which is supposed to be darker than Deauville, called Ceylan, is actually paler, but yellower. So now I have not the faintest idea what shade I am...What a pity, Deauville WAS a dead-on match for me!) It's about NC20 or a little paler, but not as pale as NC15. It is closer to NC20, and has equal amount of yellow and pink, which is SO RARE in other brands. Usually I get yellow based because for my skintone, pink turns red on me. So I always get yellow. But this, this is a dead on match. It's like my skin in a liquid form loool! I LOVE IT! I have never EVER been matched completely before, not until now when I have this foundation with me.

Now pics up for the invisibility I was talking about. SUPER CLOSE image of my face. Be warned. This is my face, with moisturizer and Nars Sheer Glow in Light 4 DEAUVILLE. No powder, no photo touch-up.

This is how it will look like if someone stares at your face from about 1cm away lol. It's impressive for a foundation.

All in all, one of my fave. I never believed the hype, that's why I left it till last month to purchase. But this and Nars Orgasm both met my expectations, and were both very very impressive for me. I love Nars, it's always one of my fave brands. =)

Merry Christmas to you! And happy new year. Today is boxing day and it's box-insane-day. You never see this much people outside and all of a sudden, skytrain broke down, traffic jammed up, and everything turns utter unpleasant.

Thanks for reading guys! Have a lovely week! =)