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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

I obviously shouldn't like these shades. All nailpolishes I have are all really girly ones. I don't have a single black nail polish, no greys, just pinks, purples, reds, and possibly maroons. (Well ok, this has something to do with boys not liking my dark nails, but I reality I don't like dark nails either...Especially on nails that has not been properly groomed, polish has not been properly put on, and/or chipping nail polishes, dark polish may make you look like a witch! Or have horrible hands!) Sometimes I have a few bright blues or teals, but that's about it. But this, this is one of those polishes I keep even though it appears to me that I may not really like it. But again and again I purchase it, sometimes I sell it, but soon I would go out and buy another bottle. After a long time, I came to the conclusion that you know what? I really truly like this colour!

Honestly, OPI's Le Collection de France has thus far (still!) been my favourite. Nothing has beaten it yet.

2 coats, with top coat.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

China Glaze Chiaroscuro

What a odd little name to pronounce!

And what a romantic demure colour of a nail polish! 

This is my first and only China Glaze, considering where I am in Canada, it is very hard to get my needy evil hands on China Glaze polishes. Fortunately there's OPI here everywhere to calm my hysterical heart for nail polishes, otherwise what kind of psycho state would I be in?!

Anyway the colour is one of my favourites (again..). It is a nude peachy pink, topped with fine detailed sprinkle of pale pale gold and green shimmer. The shimmer is so fine that it creates a sheen rather than sparkle. It looks not mature, nor does it look girly. It looks lady-like. Very romantic and pretty! I HATE shimmery nail polishes (though I don't hate glitters on my ring finger's tip ;) ). All I ever have are cremes and...cremes. I feel like shimmery nail polishes make my nail beds look so wide and manly! And who the hell wants that!? But this one, this is so carefully crafted, finely made to the details to impress, that the shimmer does not indeed do any bad, but to emphasize the gorgeous nude peachy-pink undertone with a slightly odd and surprisingly perfected final touch. (Man I can write! I mean, it's just a nail polish lmao.)

Formula is sheer, 2 coats is a necessity not an option. But like all sheer nail polishes, it is relatively fool-proof. Having used to put up with cremes, now this feels too easy to do. Dries in NO TIME. But not very shiny, has a satin finish that glows rather than shines. So a top coat is necessary. Keep in mind that one coat of this will make your nails look healthy. 2 coats shows the colour. Lasts and lasts and lasts on your nails. Some say it looks like Nars Orgasm blush. I don't think so. The concept is similar obviously, but Nars Orgasm is a lot darker than this, has heavier golden shimmer (not as pale as this polish) and no green cast.

2 coats, with top coat.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OPI Baguette Me Not

Another one of my favourite OPI's. Honestly, of all the OPI's that I have, they are all my favourites. I'm VERY OCD about my nail polishes. When I pick them in store I could pretty much drive everyone insane. And if I come home and I don't like it I would sell it immediately. But with experience I sell less and less now, what I pick on in store now are usually my dead-on favourites, they appear exactly what I imagine they should appear, and a tip is that, nail polishes would always appear at least 1 shade darker than in the bottle once they end up on your tips.

2 coats with clear top coat. Colour appears slightly too red.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

MAC Peacocky Collection

Wow, finally the quality of eyeshadow that I actually expected from MAC since the beginning of time.

When I got into makeup at the beginning, I did not care for MAC that much, I only bought their lip products. I was spoiled by the quality of Lancome, Shiseido, Dior, and Nars. (The previous three brands were my mom's favourites for skin care, she's been a lifetime devotee to Shiseido. So I literally started my makeup life with samples from these brands. Nars was my own personal favourite.) Then when I finally started using MAC eyeshadows, I found them.......chalky, and not as creamy and pigmented as I like. Lancome makes eyeshadow with sublime excellence. They are almost like cream to powders, with the intensity of pigmentation that guarantees true-to-pan application on the eyelids.

Now when the Peacocky collection first came out, I was almost disappointed. The lip products did not move me, and the size of these shadows looked like a gimmick, and they must be very costly as well. But when I swatched them, boy was I impressed! They are literally like pressed pigments. They are so smooth and pigmented. Like UD eyeshadows but finer. Still not quite there with Lamcome but what a huge improvement! They contain more than double the amount in a regular MAC eyeshadow, at 6 bucks more here in Canada ($23.50 instead of $17.50). They are promised to not fade or crease on the eyes. Though I don't care much for that, nothing fades or creases with TFSI anyway.

Here we go, I got four of them. They are: Dandizette, Centre Stage, Dalliance, Unflappable.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Look - Part II

Okay, here is the more neutral one. This is actually my favourite. Very antiqued, tarnished, very classy and yet not too boring.

New Year's Look - Part I

I actually got 2 of them. This is the first one.