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Friday, June 17, 2011

OPI Stranger Tides

You know, as I search up nail polish pictures on the web, I often find that when the blogger holds the bottle in their hand ( I used to do like..all the time), it is awfully distracting! You never know how the polishes look like in real life because who is going to hold a bottle of their nail polish with them all the time?!

So I got this idea from another blogger, I don't know who she is (more like..forgot -.-) so don't ask me. I'm going to do my polish swatches with books from now on, and one of my favourite books too! And such a gorgeous cover, perfectly neutral to contrast against any nail polishes. (lol...)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Collection Swatches

Yuki's one of my favourite Taiwanese Beauty Bloggers! And Semi-Precious Swatches are out on her website!

Her website is in Chinese, but her pictures are labelled with English. And all the pictures are out with the exception of 2 MSE's.  (Permission to linkage given by Yuki.)

Picture belongs to Yuki's Lazy Channel

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blush Obsession Series - MAC Margin Blush

Now that Summer is just around the corner, I have switched to more bronzy blushes. I used to despise orange bronzy blushes, I always loved pink and rose and all those girly stuff, orange makes me think of tarnish overbronzed girls you see in Magazines or ads that normally, normally, people in real life don't want to look like.

But like I said many many times before, women are complex and weird species. We can one day hate something to the depth of our bones, and the next day loving it more than ever before.

MAC Margin. Nars Orgasm's older, maturer, bronzed and oversexed sister. How sexy exactly? I could have NEVER, EVER, EVER picked this up in the MAC store. I'm more of a Pinch o' Peach kinda person. So this orange bland shimmery bronze colour could never catch my eye. Only my friend knows me so well, they get me the most awful yet most suitable to me colours.

A orange peach is how I would describe it, with the finest mill of gold shimmer, very frosty I assure you, but very glowy. The kind of glow that is almost not natural, almost shiny, but not yet there. When it is on the face, you cannot see any glitter or any shimmer, just very prominent golden glow on a peached bronze base.

Pigmentation is INTENSE, and this one reminds me of Cargo blushes. Soft and buttery and creamy texture, just a dab of brush in the pan will bring up enough pigmentation and product for both cheeks. Especially you are from NC20 - NC25. I don't recommend anyone paler than NC20 to use this, because this could turn clownish. Lasting power however, reminds me of NARS, a total all day wear.