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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer MAC Blush Swatches

Oh my God. I've been gone for literally a million years. Hi everyone haha! And sorry! I've been very busy, and most of my free time was only available for making some YouTube videos, so this blog was totally neglected.

Now that I am back, I think a great way to kick start my summer blog posts is to post some swatches of some useful things. Now I am a blush hoarder (no secret), so some blushes from MAC should do the trick. These blushes are my favourites from MAC, but they are also mostly summer favourites, since I love to wear more blush in the summer!

My favourite blushes from MAC are: Legendary, Hang Loose, Pinch o' Peach, Blushbaby, Melba, and Margin.