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About Me

Hello y'all, my name is Jennie, and I say forget the krakens, release the vanity!

I am a book lover, a Mathematics + Economics graduate nerd, and I also happen to have a Music Performance Degree. Way too many years of schooling huh? Here in this blog I write reviews and tutorials and other awesome posts. This is my little bubble where I can get away from reality, and do any amount of beauty related stuff I want. Sometimes I wonder if this is becoming an obsession, then the thought quickly dissipates as I see like, a new lipstick on the rack and I go "wooo"!

I hope you like my little blog :) It's so dear to my heart. You can find me elsewhere too:

Instagram: @its_jsquared
YouTube: JJ BeautyRoom
Google+: JJ BeautyRoom

Thank you for visiting me today! :)