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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blush Obsession Series - Mac Marilyn Monroe Blush Comparisons

First of all, long time no see. As a person in deep obsession with blushers, I have gotten both blushes from the Marilyn Monroe collection. The eyeshadows were too cool-toned, the dazzleglass too transparent, and I am not good with red lipsticks. The beauty powder really didn't do it for me, although I almost got it for the compact, then later labeled myself ridiculous for wanting to pay that much for a cosmetic container. I am pale, and the beauty powder is probably just going to be a finishing powder for me. That may or may not be an advantage. I decided not.

However, the point of this blog post is that I just want to quickly relieve some of you panic-stricken girl's paranoia, since the blushes and almost everything else in this collection sold like crazy and are all gone before the blink of an eye. But, here are dupes, so don't be too sad if you didn't snatch one.

First of all, The Perfect Cheek's dupes. This one is a little tough, all the dupes I could think of turned out not to be exact dupes, but they come close on the face. Ignore other swatches, I went a little crazy. This is the first time I edited the pictures on my phone, since I was so busy lately, I kind of did it while waiting for the train. It may look a little different than previous pictures.

Back of my hand is NC20

Friday, August 10, 2012

Winged Smokey Eye

The good old smokey eye with a wing. I don't like winged eyeliner much, but a winged smokey eye works for me.

This is very very easy, one shadow job.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lush R&B - For the Perfect Road Trip Hair

Want soft, shiny, super smooth and sexy slightly slept-in hair? Then I think I've got something for you.

R&B..piano, get it? Yea I'm pretty lame...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

China Glaze Sea Spray

This polish has such a perfect name, it's refreshing just saying it. In any case it is one of my favourite China Glaze ever.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Blush Obsession Series: MAC Solar Ray Mineralized Blush

I promised myself no more blushes, but I went to MAC pro to return something, and their Heavenly Creature Collection is out already in the back, and as usual, they took me to see it, and as usual, I bought something. This really needs to stop, as you know..technically I am supposed to be out of my makeup phase. (Clearly not...)

Anyway, as usual, MAC's mineralized collection is a feast to look at, and a horror to swatch, because the shimmer gets everywhere. I am not keen on mineralized skin finishes, I find them quite useless, beautifully packaged shimmer that end up about the same on the face (with exceptions, but the lighters ones seem similar to me). I don't like their mineralized eyeshadows, they are pretty to look at, bulky to take with, and chunky to apply.

But I am usually in love with their blushes. Sometimes they are packed with pigment, sometimes they are packed with pigment and dazzling shimmer. I like matte blush more now a days, but once in a while, a little bling is great.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blush Obsession Series: MAC Full of Joy

Say, I haven't been to MAC in a long time. I'm kind of out of the makeup-phase. But my obsession with blushes has not yet ended. When MAC had the Tres Cheek collection out, I was drowning in massive finals, so I couldn't go to MAC. Today I finally went. I thought for once, ONCE, I am not all over a MAC collection like, a week early, in the pro store, so for once, I get to buy things late, they shouldn't sell that fast anyway. Turns out I was wrong..they do go fast...  I really wanted Immortal Flowers, ended up with Full of Joy, a very spring colour no? Last one in store too, a lonely lavender child and no one really wanted.

My iPhone camera is surprisingly good! I didn't even have to edit it much, full on HD too!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OPI Pandamonium Pink

Haven't done a nail post in such a long time! This had been my favourite nail polish for a long time. It's a cool baby pink with a hint of lavender, and it makes me feel like I'm going to a wedding. It's so elegant, yet so pink, and so pretty.

2 coats, no top coat

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clarins Double Fix Mascara

I'm back! Much love to my neglected little blog here, I just didn't feel like updating because I was so busy from all my exams. Anyway, here is a little summer treat for all of you (actually, I think this works better in colder seasons too), I'm reviewing a little rain jacket for your lashes today!

Clarins Double Fix is probably my most re-purchased makeup item ever. I mean, I rarely use up anything. But this little tube I use up like crazy. They use to come in squeeze tubes with 2g more product. Now they are packaged in this must less practical tube. It's not really a mascara, it's a waterproof gel. And I hate waterproof mascaras, they flake like crazy on me and are so hard to remove. I love Lancome Hypnose, I hate the waterproof version. So Clarins certainly saves me on this one.