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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blush Obsession Series: MAC Full of Joy

Say, I haven't been to MAC in a long time. I'm kind of out of the makeup-phase. But my obsession with blushes has not yet ended. When MAC had the Tres Cheek collection out, I was drowning in massive finals, so I couldn't go to MAC. Today I finally went. I thought for once, ONCE, I am not all over a MAC collection like, a week early, in the pro store, so for once, I get to buy things late, they shouldn't sell that fast anyway. Turns out I was wrong..they do go fast...  I really wanted Immortal Flowers, ended up with Full of Joy, a very spring colour no? Last one in store too, a lonely lavender child and no one really wanted.

My iPhone camera is surprisingly good! I didn't even have to edit it much, full on HD too!

Well, I actually spent some time deciding whether I should get this one, since lavender and yellow do not go so well. But in my past experiences, surprisingly, I always loved lavender blushes on me, they kind of make me look more angelic. Since pink blushes always turn red on me, lavenders actually pull pink on me. So I thought, ahh why not, better treat myself to something, I did well on my exams. =)

Boy am I glad I bought it! Because it may just be the prettiest thing I have gotten myself in a long long time. It is very lavender, and turns so pink and so so pretty! It does have a white sheen, which I hate, because now a days I'm more into matte blushes. The white sheen is quite obvious too, but it is a frost finish, it should be expected to have a bit of shimmer. It is pigmented (very pigmented to me, but I am very fair at the moment), and it lasts wonderfully.

Here is a swatch. It will clash with yellow skintone a bit, but everyone is different. On me, it doesn't clash at all, just turns into the cutest princess pink, slightly cool toned, but not crazy. But I know some people might hate this, it may seem like a silver lavender patch on their cheeks. I think this looks best on very very fair girls, definitely not for darker gals. I've turned considerably pale this winter, less than NC20 for sure now, probably NC15 right now. Nars Deauville looks terribly dark on me right now.

And here is how it looks like on

And this is also very very good for layering. Especially if you have a pink blush that is borderline cool, but shows up neutral or red on yellow skin, then if you layer this underneath, it will bring out the pink in the blush. I layered Pinch o Peach on top this afternoon, it took off the lavender edge, and made it look more pink and matte, very pretty.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend.