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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bronzer Obsession Series: Nars Casino

I like how everyone is trapped in the craze for Laguna.

While Laguna is great, I only think it is good used as a bronzer. If you contour with bronzers, and you have a warm undertone, how's Laguna good?!

Now, before you decide to throw stones at me, I need to clarify something. I have a lot of red undertone in my skin, and my skin is ultra sensitive. A slight touch on my face will turn that entire area red, and I embarrass so easily! And when I turn red, I don't turn pink, I turn tomato red.

So for me, naturally, when I was on my search for a contour, I was worrying what everyone else was worrying, I do not want to look like an orange. I mean a tomato and an orange just don't go well together. So I looked into Laguna and almost bought it, because everyone raves how it has no orange at all, how it is a golden brown that is excellent for fair skin's contour.

Except, of course, when I put it on at Sephora, it was...yellow. I am not exaggerating at all. It appeared that I have a dark yellow patch on the side of my face. It was dead obvious that I wanted to contour but uh..failed. Honestly I was puzzled, how did that happen?

Then I saw Casino, it is not by any means darker in the pan, just warmer. What the hell, I'll give it a try too, and I did. And guess what, it looked a lot more natural on me. Though slightly more orange toned than that golden beige brown that Laguna has, it appears much more like a shadow of my own, instead of an obvious use of cosmetics to create a dirty looking hollow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lancôme Taupe Craze Look

Enough said. Here comes pictures. It's a very light palette after all, very natural. Did not bother with the liner shade. I do like the palette on my eyes, but I can't be happy with the amount of fall out! Look under my eyes, I did not sweep my eyeshadow on, I pressed them on. I don't do swipes unless I'm blending, and when I blended this look, I was very gentle because the texture of this palette is awesomely smooth. Even then the fall out is still very prominent. Also, as you can see, this is relatively warm on my eyes. I wish wish wish it would be more taupish, as I'm not a big fan of warm looks on my warm skin, they always end up looking too red.

I would also like to point something else out. I know this is supposed to be used to emphasize eyes. According to the tutorial picture inside, I think this quad is for golden hazel eyes. HOWEVER, I don't know what reflects the palette has, but it does make things look more yellow! And especially, my eye whites! And my eye whites are not by any means yellow to begin with, but some how, while my brown eyes do look more clear and golden warm tones of my eyes are brought out as you can see in the picture, my whites also end up looking yellow! Weird eh?

Here we go, enjoy!

Lancôme Color Design 5 Pan Palette in Taupe Craze - The Land of Fall Out

This is brand new line of eyeshadows that Lancome just came out with in February 2011. Promised to brighten eyes and guaranteed smooth and intense pigmentation, long lasting power, and no creasing what so ever. This particular shade, called Taupe Craze, was featured in various red-carpet looks recently, I thought this would be The It palette this year. NO. No, no, no, no, no.

You know, as much as I LOVE Lancome, I'm utterly disappointed! Retailed at $48.00USD + tax, this is a very mediocre product.