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Friday, June 17, 2011

OPI Stranger Tides

You know, as I search up nail polish pictures on the web, I often find that when the blogger holds the bottle in their hand ( I used to do like..all the time), it is awfully distracting! You never know how the polishes look like in real life because who is going to hold a bottle of their nail polish with them all the time?!

So I got this idea from another blogger, I don't know who she is (more like..forgot -.-) so don't ask me. I'm going to do my polish swatches with books from now on, and one of my favourite books too! And such a gorgeous cover, perfectly neutral to contrast against any nail polishes. (lol...)

OPI Stranger Tides, 2 coats with top coat. Book is A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. One of the best books I've ever read. Seriously.

This collection's polishes are super shiny! With or without a top coat! Which is surprising, because OPI usually dries not very shiny to me. Of the entire collection I thought this one was the one that no one will make again in a life time. It's not a usual colour. 

Contrary to popular belief, I actually think this is the prettiest colour in the collection. It is this light jade, or Matcha colour, so elegant, not weird at all on hands! I find Mermaid's Tears surprisingly generic, and reminds me of home appliances in the 80's, or school paint in the 90's. I have to say, Stranger Tides is now one of my favourite neutral nail polishes. Perfect for any outfit, lightly green and minty, but still mostly neutral.

Standard OPI formula, wear, application blah blah, like all my other OPI reviews, I keep repeating them. But I just want to EMPHASIZE, this one is very shiny, and very good formula, very creamy and easy to apply.

I have the silver shatter too, but I will do swatches of that later.

Thanks for reading guys!