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Saturday, January 8, 2011

MAC Peacocky Collection

Wow, finally the quality of eyeshadow that I actually expected from MAC since the beginning of time.

When I got into makeup at the beginning, I did not care for MAC that much, I only bought their lip products. I was spoiled by the quality of Lancome, Shiseido, Dior, and Nars. (The previous three brands were my mom's favourites for skin care, she's been a lifetime devotee to Shiseido. So I literally started my makeup life with samples from these brands. Nars was my own personal favourite.) Then when I finally started using MAC eyeshadows, I found them.......chalky, and not as creamy and pigmented as I like. Lancome makes eyeshadow with sublime excellence. They are almost like cream to powders, with the intensity of pigmentation that guarantees true-to-pan application on the eyelids.

Now when the Peacocky collection first came out, I was almost disappointed. The lip products did not move me, and the size of these shadows looked like a gimmick, and they must be very costly as well. But when I swatched them, boy was I impressed! They are literally like pressed pigments. They are so smooth and pigmented. Like UD eyeshadows but finer. Still not quite there with Lamcome but what a huge improvement! They contain more than double the amount in a regular MAC eyeshadow, at 6 bucks more here in Canada ($23.50 instead of $17.50). They are promised to not fade or crease on the eyes. Though I don't care much for that, nothing fades or creases with TFSI anyway.

Here we go, I got four of them. They are: Dandizette, Centre Stage, Dalliance, Unflappable.

Swatches are taken with one swipe of each colour. I only got 4 because I did not hit the jackpot last week. I got the basics, and a blue (because currently I'm in a blue phase...-.-).

Dalliance is a gorgeous gorgeous goldish silver. Tarnished white gold, with the slightest hint of green. Shimmery but not tacky or sparkly. It's excellent as a base colour to everything, and it looks true to pan on the eyes. Looks kind of similar to the lighter colour in a duo MAC put out long ago called "Illusionary/Burning Ambition".

Centre Stage is the most gorgeous true neutral brown. Not too shimmery, not much bronze, no redness, and not too much taupe. It looks decently dark on the eye, which I like, and before blending, it looks true to pan on the eyes. This looks boring, but it may just be the one shadow every girl is lacking in their palettes right now, because browns now a days are not brown enough, or overly bronzy. It looks most similar to Mulch, and it's blend-able beyond belief. Some say it's similar to Chocolate Brown pigment (another one of my fave), I wouldn't say so. Chocolate Brown has a noticeable hint of redness, especially if you press the pigment and look at the pan. It's not as red as say, Twinks, but still red. On the eyes it looks like a very warm brown. Centre Stage is more neutral than that.

Dandizette is a very very unique blue. I know it looks dupable, but it's not. You can say deep truth looks the similar, but I tell ya it's not. Dandizette looks like a true denim blue, it's shimmery but only a sheen, not sparkly. Deep Truth looks like a jewel blue in pan, but transfers dark onto the eyelid, and it's UNBLENDABLE. Dandizette appears darker on lid than in pan, but still truly pretty. Looks most similar to UD goddess, which I think is a better suited name for this shadow.

Unflappable. Oh unflappable. It's the first colour I wanted out of the collection and it's such a nice basic to add to your collection. It's a complicated blend of dark grey-black brown, with the slightest hint of purple and violet shimmer. Almost unnoticeable. Looks divine used alone to create a smoky eye. I find the texture SLIGHTLY chalky compared to the other ones, but only ever so slightly, still decently pigmented.

Overall, one of my favourite products I purchased recently. I also TOTALLY forgot to show you guys my Stylishly Yours collection haul, but I only got 2 things. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!