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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smith Rosebud Salve in Minted Rose and Brambleberry Rose

So today I decided to do this review for the famous famous Rosebud salves. Ironically, I don't have the original one. The 2 I'm going to review are the Brambleberry Rose and the Minted Rose. The reason I did not get the original is because if I put any petroleum based lip balms on my lips and if it does not have a sensation or a strong pleasant flavour, I will throw up. And to be honest, I hate rose scents.

I know.

Anyway, let's begin the review so I ramble less...Here is how they look like, they each contain 22g of product, and is about $9CAN or $7USD(I think..).

I love the little tin for Brambleberry Rose. It's so vintage!

Above is Brambleberry Rose
Above is the Minted Rose

I stopped using solid balms (with the exception of LUSH lip balms, which are my HG not limited edition lip balms) a long time ago. When I put any sort of lip stuff on, whether it's balm, lipstick, or gloss, I have the NEED to rub them together constantly. AS IF I have the need to KNOW that they are on there. Thus with solid ones, they actually do not last a tiny bit on me, and in the long run, they dry me out. So I always have to have a thick layer of gooey liquidy stuff on my lips..I know I know...Anyway, I got the Minted Rose first about 2 years ago. I got it in Urban Outfitters with a friend. When I first opened it I was like "ewww, it actually smells like roses..with mint..I hate it!!" Then it kinda reminds me of the LUSH store when you first walk in there?? Like that scent, but 10000x milder. I was like, ok I don't like this but I'm gonna bear with it. I started using it, and as soon as a put it on my lips, I knew it was a winner. It's such soft and cushiony balm, but not thick and sticky at all! It's almost like, watery, but water that grabs your lips! (Magic..) It gives off a tiny tiny bit of tomato-red tint, like a jelly, and it makes lips uber shiny. I almost hit pan on this one see, and normally I don't hit pan on....anything.............It does not have much of a taste other than mint, and it does not taste sweet. But I always avoid it going into my mouth though, because petroleum is kinda yucky to me. It contains cotton seed oil, and lasts quite a bit too, and it does not wear off drying, it wears off nicely. I keep this balm in my pencil case so when I'm in class some prof is boring the life out of me I can just whip is out and go, woo! Pause prof! MintRose Moment!! 

The Minted Rose has been my go-to balm on and off for the past 2 years. Some times I don't like it, when I use it I always like it again. That's why I went out and bought Brambleberry to alternate with my Minted. Brambleberry smells SUPER good. It is not a synthetic berry smells. It smells like.......I don't know, a bit tart, a bit berry, a bit sweet, like jam kinda smell. It has a berry tint, which will show if your lips are pale like mine. And it is slightly thicker than the Minted Rose, more creamy, less jelly-ish. The main difference is this contains shea butter and honey, and it tastes sweet!! I like I like! I feel they moisturizes the same. The minted rose has this ability to instantly soften your lips, and this doesn't. So Minted has a little more moisturizing power, but in the long run they are the same. I wish they came out a new formula that has the flavour of Brambleberry, but with the texture of the Minted Rose.

All in all, I like them both, but I will not re-purchase because after I finish this tin I might be like 30...So I'm pretty sure in the next 10 years I will find something else to play with. But so far, I like them ladies! I hope you like them too if you have them!

It's such a sunny day out! Good day to you too my readers! Have a wonderful week!