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Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Random Rant about Makeup Artists in MAC and Sephora

You know, I'm constantly at one or another. If I'm not home and not in school, then I'm either at MAC or Sephora. I consider them parts of me, and I am obsessed with them. Like when I broke up with my boyfriend, instead of eating a lot or crying a lot, I found MAC lipsticks and Sephora surprisingly comforting to me, so I kept buying MAC lippies and brought 10 MAC lipsticks with me at ALL times and visited Sephora everyday for a while. It's therapy. I think my local Sephora has a problem with me now and I think I need some serious help.

ANYWAYS. Aside from personal psychological tragedies I do want to mention that since I spend so much time at either of these places (and oh-so-much-money), I do expect some sort of warmth from the sales associates there, a.k.a. makeup artists. I don't need much, I just want a nice warm welcome, and some USEFUL help when I need it, because after all, why should they be cold and bit*chy to us? Who's paying for the products? And without our purchases, who in the world is gonna pay them?
Sephora staff are sometimes not very friendly. It may not be like this everywhere, but here, they are not too nice. I mean, there are always someone who is very nice, but a lot of girls that work here are seirously bi*tches. I visit them a lot, and there is this girl with HUGE hair who is always very angry, and would always treat me with rolling eyeballs, and impatience. And I hated it when she treated some customer with big smiles and laughs and turn to me with a sour face. I mean...Just what did I do to piss her off? They are sometimes very ignorant as well about makeup. I went once asking for a tester for the Dior addict glow (that lipbalm that changes colour on your lips). And they ran out, the girl I asked for it told me: "It's just a pale pink lip balm!" And I said: "I wanted to try it out to see exactly what shade of pink it turns on me, cause I'm worried it will turn fuchsia." She looked at me strangely and said: "No it doesn't change colour, it's just a pale pink lip balm." And I almost loled. Seriously? Honey, why do you think they call it a "colour reviver balm"?

I went to MAC on Friday wanting a blush. A MA came to help. I told her every pink blush either turn peach, red, or purple on me. She thought about it, then she took Gentle and told me to sit down. She put some MSF on me, and with a very very VERY light airy swirl, put the blush on me, don't see anything. She proceed on saying, it is very natural, a nice pink that didn't turn on me, blah blah...I didn't know what to say to her, because I didn't intend to get Gentle, and I don't see how it's a pink that didn't turn. So I said: "Ummm...Can I try Pinch o Peach as well?" She said sure and went to get it, and with ANOTHER light airy swirl, put on my other cheek, which..well....I still don't see anything. And I usually do NOT overdose on blush, so I'm not saying she actually put on a natural amount. I am usually a natural girl so believe me, when I say I don't see it, I mean it. So obviously my two cheeks look the same since..there is nothing on there. And she said: "See, they are very similar!" And I went "......." I thought she was nice though, and I like a glow, so I got Gentle. When I got it home, I put it on, and guess what, it's a raspberry colour! Which means it is a little red on me!! WTF? I went back to return it the next day because I don't need it.

These are just recent things that I can remember. But you know, they are not always so nice and helpful. I used to be quite intimidated by MAC artists, but I guess I got used to them. I still wanted to talk about it because sometimes I really feel like we don't have to be treated that way. They are sometimes very judgmental on the way you seem, and make a happy little trip to the makeup store unpleasant. And you know, at the end of the day, it may feel just a little more than unpleasant.

Still love MAC and Sephora though, but a pointless rant makes me happier inside.

Good day to you!