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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Review on Estee Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Gloss - Peach Nectar

Hi readers!!! First post!!! Woohoo~~~ Now I normally say  a lot of random crap before I do a review, such as how I got it, how I felt when I got it, the emotion I felt when I applied some good stuff that instantly made me fall for it...................I am going to cut those crap and go straight to the point then, since I'm now blogging this instead of reviewing these on Makeupalley.


This is how it looks like on me
, light->medium pigmented lips, under yellow ballroom light. I'd say this is pretty accurate. Under daylight it just looks more transparent and candy-like ♥)

The gloss comes in a square sleek tube, with a gold lid, and the famous E logo for Estee Lauder right beneath the lid on the tube. This is in the crystal section, which is supposed to give you more shimmer and sparkle and make your lips dimensional and POP. 

This is a peachy gloss. Now saying it's peachy is really not that accurate. In the tube it looks scary orange. With gold shimmer. On the Estee Lauder website, this is a pink colour. I have no idea why but to me this is definitely orange.  The colour pay off on the lips is medium, but my lips are not that pigmented, so the colour pay off on me is really really good. The shimmer does show, and this is VERY SHINY. 

Texture. WONDERFUL. This is not sticky, and it is very sleek and not super thick. The glide is superb. It is almost like a gel texture to me, and I think it's because it has petroleum jelly in it. It is moisturizing, and like Chanel glosses, you can't feel the shimmer in it when you rub your lips together. This is one of those glosses that I do not need a balm underneath. 

Smell is a bit strong. It has a strong juicy fig smell to it. I like it, but I can definitely see others be offended by it. 

Price is..mehhh I don't know how bad it is. It is $21.00CAD and $18.00US for 6ml of product. For comparisonm this amount is same as Dior addict glosses which costs $31.00 or 26.00 US. And this is also the same price as Lancome Juicy tubes which is $21.00CAD but has about twice the amount. Both Dior and Lancome are good glosses. So I guess the price is not THAT bad, but not cheap either. 

Lastly, this is rated extremely toxic on the Cosmetic Safety Database ( But I looked at the details the reason is mostly because the fragrance. Now the thing is, I wipe my gloss off before I eat or drink, and I never lick my lips while having makeup on. So the only toxic coming into my body is to absorb through my lips, so the amount is negligible. 

I would recommend this, if you are ok with the toxic level and the smell. This is a wonderful gloss after all.

Thanks for reading!!!