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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vintage Spring Look

Hello, hello! Long time no see!

Here is a new look, I did a vintage version for Spring because everyone is like "Fresh" and "Pastel", and I said: I want "Vintage"!

Argh!!! Please ignore my lashes on my upper lashes line! Every time I wear falsies, I can never catch all my lashes in the curler when I do the final curl to blend them together. So they look so bad I'm so sorry!

- MAC paintpot in Soft Ochre
- MAC Surreal on the inner third of the lid, Cocomotion Pigment mixed with Woodwinked on the middle of the lid, Chocolate Brown Pigment on the outer third of the eye. Show stopper to darken outer corner. Bring Show Stopper slightly to outer lower lashline.
- MAC Feline upper and lower waterline + lashline.
- Surreal on lower lashline on top of Feline to set the liner.
- Any matte white highlighter. In picture used Too Faced Naked Palette white highlight called In the Buff.
- Random falsies, I got them in Asia. Glue is DUO dark tone.

If you wonder why my eye-whites are so white, it's cause I used Rohto Ice eyedrop. The one with the blue cap. It burns like there's no tomorrow, but it works. =)

Hope you enjoyed! Spring is finally here! =D And I have more reviews coming up!

Thanks for reading.