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Friday, May 20, 2011

Estee Lauder Spring 2011 - Wild Violet Palette

Sure it's Summer already, but this palette goes with all seasons in my opinion! Thanks to the gorgeous purple in the middle that spiced this otherwise neutral palette into something a little..twinkly.

Look at the GLORIOUS's honestly to die for...

Guaranteed extremely likelihood to real life hahaha. -.- I meant to say that the above picture looks very accurate to what it looks like in natural lighting.  

May I suggest that companies STOP putting in useless sponges and brushes? It increases the chance of damaging the shadows and when opened not carefully the little sponge sticks pop everywhere..

How gloriously gorgeous is this palette? The first time I opened this palette was outside in the sunshine. And I was MESMERIZED as soon as the lid popped open (which took me some time..). I don't like Estee Lauder in general, my mom is a fan of their night repair complex, but Estee Lauder is not my thing. I hate their gold packaging usually, especially their lipsticks and glosses, I have problems with them.

But this palette is so unique, and it is to die for. It has 5 colours, a sheer white gold, a medium coppery bronze, a light, almost olive-y brown ( but on eyes not that olive), and a dark taupe brown that is almost grey. To be honest, coppers and cool tones go really well together, so the neutrals in this palette hit the spark for me. If the copper was paired with a really warm bronzy brown, this palette would not have worked that well, and would not have been really unique.

But of course, the most gorgeous thing in this palette is the dark purple in the middle. Do you know how gorgeous to use it as a liner for a neutral look? Oh my God. I can't explain how obsessed I am with this palette. It's my new favourite thing!

The pigmentation is good, not supremely creamy, but more like MAC eyeshadows. It has that dry texture that most MAC eyeshadows have. Definitely no where near UD or Too Faced or Lancome. It reminds me of a usual Dior palette (that is, Dior at it's so-so state. Dior is rarely at its best times, so their palettes were never justified to me given their hefty crazy price tags) maybe, or MAC shadows (how many times have I repeated this..-.-). But like I said, the pigmentation is definitely pretty good, it shows up wonderfully, not chalky at all. But I definitely recommend a base though. No overpowering shimmer or sparkle. Not much fallout. The shimmers are very fine, and the sparkle in the dark purple is no where near insanity. It is very controlled sparkle and shimmer, which I like.

It retails $42 USD. I got this in the States again. I can't justify buying palettes here, it's insane. I think the price is justified in the States and never justified here. Makeup prices are Never justified here. I spent $65 CAD here for UD Naked palette, which could have been only like maximum $50 in the States.

Thanks for reading! I'll post up other things soon! Are you enjoying the sun here Vancouverites? Have a lovely weekend.