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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Las Vegas & Duty Free Haul

You never see me do hauls! Because I don't haul LOL. I never really go out and buy a bunch of things, or buy a bunch of things in a short while. I buy things in singular terms, over extended periods of times. So really, my makeup collection is not that big, even though it seems like a massive amount. (Mostly because I'm very wordy when I do reviews..You'd have to excuse me.)

But Duty Free..Sometimes I buy more than usual, but most of the times I only get fragrances, one at a time. But because I fly very often, things build up. That is not to say I have massive amount of perfumes. I'm very controlled when I shop. Last month was one of those times when I felt like I need makeup as I entered those duty free stores in the airport, and when I got to the States..if you are a Canadian beauty junkie you would know, States means saving. Hence the haul. No perfume this time (only a small one, for a reason), just some makeup. (I'm technically still on P10P..that needs to pause.)

I'm really concerned about my problems with eyeshadow palettes now. I REALLY need to stop. Honestly..and lip glosses..what the ****!!!

I FINALLY got my Tartan Tale Dashing Lassies eyeshadow palette. I always wanted one of those MAC Holiday neutral set, but when they come out I just can't bring myself to buy one. But I regret later! I got this from a friend when I was in the States, it was her backup and she sold it to me half price. I'm so happy because I got it. Not impressed with it, but it's nice to have.

Then when I was in the Las Vegas outlets, they had this Lancome outlet store, where they sold things at a discount price. Some older makeup items were on clearance and I snatched this palette (Golden Glitz) for like $20 including tax! Oh my God..It is such lovely palette too! Same buttery texture Lancome used to have that feels just like Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Yeah MAC lipglasses from MAC Me Over. I know, I need to stop. These are so pretty though it's impossible to resist!

This is my first Chanel foundation and this is what I got duty free. I almost got a YSL lipstick and a Chanel lip gloss with it. But like I said I am a very controlled about these things. After using this I finally understand the hype around Chanel foundations, because this is now my HG foundation. It's so good it's beyond description. Only thing is that this is the lightest colour I could find duty free, it's 20 Clair, and I need to tan HARD to wear this. This is about NW25 I think, and I am usually slightly lighter than NC20. Good thing is I got tanned bad in Las Vegas, finally I think I'm like NC25 or something. So now I can wear this foundation. Let's hope I keep my colour longer into Winter so I can keep wearing it.

If there is a makeup God, he/she must have been listening to my wishes. I missed out on this perfume when MAC came out with the naked Honey collection. This is Africanimal. I sprayed this on in store, I was not impressed. After a while I picked up one jacket and this real honey scent came off. I realized I need this in my life. I went back, of course it was sold out. Ever since then I have regretted. Who knew one day in the future I would go to LV and go to an outlet, where they carried some MAC left overs...

Of course, I also got a MAC pigment in Blonde's Gold, a Philosophy lip shine in I love Candy Corn (which I LOVE). And one day I was on the Strip and I felt like buying something but don't know what to buy, I went into the Coke store and felt like Lemon so got a Sprite Lip Smackers..And that's just that.

Thanks for reading! Hope your Summer was great too!