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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Look: Water Nymph

Okay I admit I don't do special effect makeup much. Okay I also admit it is because I don't do them well. Plus I am lazy and don't have much props to begin with. If I were to do a Halloween look, it would still be within the range of possible-among-normal-mankind. Those crazy things like peeling skin, or bloody drooping eyeball like the amazing Petrilude can do, well..just not my thing. Here is one example, perfect for your..I don't know..Halloween parties? I kept everything within the definition of elegance. Nothing scary or anything, but something I wouldn't do on a normal day. Very easy to do, except the crazy lashes I made myself, and some pencil sketching techniques.

The lashes were inspired by the little skirts made by Shu Uemura last season. Though the skirts are not suitable for this look. I used similar fabric with glitter on them, cut them into random pieces and stick them on the end of the false lashes, to create a water drop and foggy feel. (Remember in books, authors would describe woman on a foggy day something like "she blinked, I can see moisture forming droplets of water on her long lashes", or something like that. That is what I was going for.) Make sure you keep the fabric minimal, and your glitters stick, you don't want them in your eyes when you blink.

1. Soft Ochre Paint Pot all over lid to brow bone, then put MAC Retrospeck all over the base all the way to brow bone as well. If you want more bling and drama, change Retrospeck to any light glitter you want.

2. MAC Surreal mixed with Pompous Blue (any teal colour) all over eyelid. Blend the edge into a round half moon shape.

3. MAC Deep Truth on entire lower lashline (any dark blue). Extend outside, and draw a hair-like line down the cheek. Then on the lower lashline, draw some fake dark blue lashes.

4. Do creative lines on the outer corner of the upper lid too in a teal colour. Make creative flowy lines upwards. Keep them minimal though, don't get too crazy.

5. Then take a black pencil liner, line upper lower lash + waterline. Then on the lines you made, sketch in some short strokes near the root of all your teal + dark blue lines. This will make them look more 3D, and more abstract.

6. Put on the false lashes.

Brows are shaded in with a black eye pencil. You want them strong but slender, flick out in the end so they look more feminine and less harsh. These are thinner than my normal brows, but you don't need to conceal your brows. With a black pencil, your natural brows will be easily diminished by illusion.

Foundation is Nars Sheer Glow in Deauville. Cheeks are highlighted with a lighter coloured concealer, contour is NARS Laguna, but VERY lightly.

On the lips I have MAC Peachstock.

Remember, if you want to keep this elegant, you need to keep everything matte. Everything except your eyes that is. But even your eyes should have just some shimmer and sheen like I do. However, if you want something more fun and dramatic, then have some fun with your glitters! Jardin Aires pigment would be an excellent cheek highlighter for this look if you want some extra bling.

Have a great week guys! Get ready for Halloween!!