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Monday, August 22, 2011

Clinique Black Honey Eyeshadow Quad

I was always intrigued by Clinique's Black Honey lipstick/lipgloss. I'm a sucker for honey. Unfortunately, the lip products were all too dark for me, and I'm really not into a reddish tinted lips anyway, I'm always a nude lip person. So when the eyeshadow came out, I was so excited, because I can finally try something from this line.

Clinique's eyeshadows were never really good in my opinion. They have that dry powdery feel, that really looks quite chalky to me. Since they are very powdery, they are VERY easily blended away. If you swatch some on you hands, with gentle rubbing motion, you can completely erase the shadows from your hand, leaving no stain behind at all. If it weren't for the Black Honey concept, I would probably never buy a full sized Clinique quad.

The packaging is beautiful, and it is very chic looking. The back of the palette is transparent, with 4 colours showing that represents the shadow colours inside. Keep in mind those 4 colour blocks are not the real eyeshadow, they are coloured plastic that mimic the colours of the shadows. When you open it, each eyeshadow is rimmed in similar coloured rings.

No base, 2 swipes of each colour.

The 4 colours are very dupable, but so is every neutral quad in the world. The first colour looks like a white pale pink, but mostly white, like MAC Vanilla or Nylon. The second colour is almost a dead on dupe of MAC All That Glitters, just a tiny tiny bit cooler. The third colour is a warm plummy red brown, I can't think of a dupe because I don't have colours like that in my collection. And the last colour is like a much toned down version of MAC Beautymarked, a very dark burgundy with some slight shimmer.

Although the pigmentation is great, but like I said before these colours blend away almost too easily, so the overall look on the eyelid is much more muted and wearable. I was almost sure I would never touch the red colour in the palette, but on the eyes it is very muted, and add just a hint of warmth and redness, to add to the pluminess of this quad. The shadows don't last very long on the eyes, but with a base it's not a problem.

This is definitely a fall quad, and Clinique had excellent timing on this one. It could work for everyone, although for the very fair, I suggest you keep away, because it may look too irritated on the eye.

Thanks for reading guys!