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Monday, May 5, 2014

Pink Lipstick Fest!

Many things have changed since my last post, one thing being my hair colour is now a medium brunette colour. I love it. With these changes come the need to change up my makeup routine and colour choices. For example, I used to always exclusively use warm toned colours on my lips, specifically all pinks need to be peachy. Everything needs to be warm and nude for me to feel comfortable. Now a days I am leaning more towards the cooler pink areas. Peaches and oranges still look insanely good with my colouring, but not so much peachy pinks. Peachy pinks look rather bleb on me. Cooler pinks look much much better on me now. Plus, I just chopped my hair from past my boobs to about shoulder length. You just can't beat brown messy bob-ish hair with loud pink lips on a summer day with them crazy shades and destroyed jean shorts. It is what I live for.

With that, I have to say the Hourglass Rouge Velvet lipstick in the colour Ballet is now my holy grail lipstick. It is very expensive, $35 here in Canada, and probably $30 in the US. The formula is insanely great. It reminds me of the old formula from Lancome, very creamy and hydrating with a slight sheen, can be worn comfortably for an extremely long time without shrinking my lips and wrinkling them. And with all that, it still manages to stay on forever. Here are some dupes and favourites from MAC that hopefully, for girls like me, who were looking for dupes and could never find one, would find these swatches helpful.

From L-R: 

1. The tint left behind from MAC's Tangerine Dream Lipstick (recently found this in my local MAC, it's a crazy colour. Makes you look kinda crazy too. )
2. MAC Lovelorn
3. Hourglass Ballet
4. MAC Pearl Pink Pop
5. MAC Sunny Seoul (Horizontal one)

Oh summer you're finally here! I am so extremely happy. Although it is still kind of chilly.

Thanks for reading, talk soon!