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Friday, December 5, 2014

December 2014 - Holiday Gifting Ideas For Her - PART II

You looking forward to part II with my teddy bear yet? No?..It's full of pretty stuff!!

Teddy looks positively delightful (or so I imagine..he probably hates girly stuff) in his Kate Spade crowns. 

Kate Spade Bangles ($38 - $58)

This is my only jewellery recommendation this year. If you were to purchase one thing from Kate Spade, it should be their bangles. These are fabulous! Unless you can afford Tiffany and Cartier, I think these Kate Spade ones are the next best budget choices! They are sweet, feminine, high quality, and so pretty. Now these ones you see on his head are rose gold ones. Kate Spade also makes these in yellow gold and silver colours. They come in many shapes and patterns. The ones decorated with rhinestones are more expensive than the others. 

I particularly enjoy and recommend their rose golds. They are not as pink as some companies can make them to be. I can appreciate a more subtle rose gold. 

Price ranges from $38 - 58. You can also catch these on sale occasionally in department stores and Kate Spade Boutiques, and of course, their website.

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes ($22) and Geisha Doll Lip and Cheek Stain ($15)

We think TBS's makeup is the most overlooked and underrated things ever. They actually make high quality cosmetics. Their Shimmer Cubes are of great value! They are pigmented and soft! Plus they are ultra shimmery! It makes the perfect holiday eye makeup! And they look like coloured sugar cubes! What's not to like about them!

This holiday season TBS also came out with this cute little Geisha Doll lip and cheek tint. It is slightly creepy, but mostly cute. It comes with 25g (!!!) of tint! It is a orange based red tint, with occasional sprinkles of gold shimmer. The shimmer is really not noticeable on the lips. It is a bit drying, but too pretty to resist! 

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel (Shown: Spring Cerisier Papillon Shower Gel) ($22 for 8.4oz)

We LOVE L'Occitane. I love their hand and foot creams the best. But also their shower gel. This particular one I'm showing you was limited edition, and it is iridescent. However, the regular ones are just as good! The Cherry Blossom smells absolutely divine! And they are so refreshing in the shower! Absolutely recommended!

Click the picture to see the magic!

Erno Laszlo 'Hydra Therapy - Skin Vitality' Mask Kit ($75)

Last one! But definitely not the least! This is incredibly expensive, I know, but this should be something your lady friend's eyes would bling for. If my friend had never gifted me this, I'd never know the wonders of it, because I simply would never buy it. It may just be the best hydration mask I have ever used.

Each kit comes with 4 bottles of liquid, and 4 packs of powder. You are to mix these up for one use. So yes, a box would be used only 4 times. However, I use half bottle of liquid and half pack of powder each time. It is still quite expensive to do so. However, the result is worth it! It is definitely a luxury skincare product, but that's why you would gift it to her! As most of us probably would never discover it because we don't want to fork over the cash for it!

There! I have completed my 2014 recommendations! Thank you very much for coming by on this lovely to read my little blog. Wish you a great holidays! Merry (early) Christmas!