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Friday, December 5, 2014

December 2014 - Holiday Gifting Ideas For Her - PART I

Hello my lovely lovelies, today me and my teddy (whose name is also...Teddy) shall tell the tale of Christmas, and show you how he handles gifting his ladies. He is also sitting among his (or my) collection of travel souvenirs to pretend he's in Europe.


See by Chloé ($78 for 1.7oz)

Let us start with fragrance, as that is always a great gift. Choose more refreshing scents to give, unless you are sure of her taste in perfumes. We suggest See by Chloé. It is quite a strange scent. The opening sniff reminds me of expensive shampoo with a hint of apples, and the top notes definitely stays throughout the day, without migrating into other dimensions much. Though strange, it somehow is never obnoxious. There is nothing particularly likeable about it, but somehow still very nice when worn. It is definitely modern and refreshing. Very suitable for someone young at heart.

Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Musk. 

Graceful. Feminine. Spontaneous.

Atelier Cologne Absolue in Cédrat Enivrant ($105 for 3.3oz)

Now this one, we can't imagine anyone not liking it, unless of course, they hate oranges. Just the description alone sold me on the spot. This is the Atelier Cologne Absolue in Cédrat Enivrant, and it is inspired by the French 75 cocktail, for lovers of lemon and gin notes. The entire line is based on the notes of oranges and citrus. The original Atelier Cologne Absolue and this one smell of real oranges freshly picked from a farm. However, I do find the original rather masculine after a while. This one however, remains feminine, refreshing, and uplifting!

Maroccan Cedrat, Lime, Bergamot, Chinese Mint, Egyptian Basilic, Juniper Berries, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Elemi. 

Sophisticated. Effortless. Classic. 

Body Care

Lush's Sympathy for the Skin ($26.95 for 8.4oz)

We simply can't get over this lotion. This may just be the best lotion ever invented on this planet. I have used so many lotions in my life, but none come close to the deliciousness and delightfulness of this one. This is Lush's Sympathy for the Skin. It contains chock full of sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, vanilla, and oh my goodness BANANA!!! All my favourite things in one tub, where I can put on myself and bring to bed. Makes me sleep better and really calm me down! It smells lightly of real vanilla and a hint of banana. I can't recommend this enough. It does contain parabens though! For your lady friends who are more conscious of these things, it is good to know!

Soap and Glory Hand Food ($6 for 1.7oz) and The Righteous Body Butter ($22 for 10.1oz)

Soap and Glory is difficult to get here in Canada, however, Shoppers Drug Mart seems to carry them in some locations. Their Hand Food hand creams are very inexpensive! But they work like a charm! Better than many more co$tly ones I tried before. I highly recommend these as stocking stuffers! Their famous The Righteous Body Butter smells like Dior Miss Cherie Perfume. And moisturizes like nobody's business! Try it to believe it! I bet she (or he) will love it!

Here is part I for you! Part II shall be up in no time. Otherwise this post will be too long and bring the Ghost of Boredom here.

I hope everyone's Christmas shopping is going well! Stay tuned for more recommendations from me!