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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Bit of Sage...A Bit of Olive, For This Fine, Chilly Autumn Day

Here is my first look for this Fall. I chose green...I was actually thinking about orange and copper the whole time, then I did a green look...

It is so incredibly freezing here!!! It is totally a day for hot chocolate. People keep complaining that Vancouverites can't stop talking about the weather, but seriously! Living here for over 10 years doesn't stop you from being surprised every year by the late September rain-hit.

But anyway I really loved how this look turned out. It is a golden olive green look. The colour family I really like for some reason.

Alright! Here is the break down:

-TFSI, then MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
- MAC Green Smoke all over upper lid.
- MAC Copperized Pigment on top of the Green Smoke to add a layer of olive gold sheen.
- MAC Dazzlelight pigment just above the previous colours, very close to the crease, to blend the line and colours together.
- Benefit They are Real Mascara
- Anastasia Medium Ash in my brows (any of those pencils and powders, they all look the same within that brand.)

Foundation is MUFE HD in #117.

Here are some other pictures:

Hope you like this! It really works with brown eyes. A little picky on the outfit though!

Have a lovely week!